Orange County

San Clemente Bubble Man

Do you know the Bubble Man? Who artistically creates giant, beautiful rainbow bubbles down by the San Clemente Pier? You should. Your kids (and you) will love catching him making bubbles just before sunset on days of his choosing. Our pictures here do not do these bubbles justice – they are so pretty in person!

Follow his Facebook page – he usually posts a few hours before he heads down to the pier. We’ve occassionally spotted him at other city events as well!

We love the Bubble Man because he’s taken something so simple and turned it into a magical adventure that kids of all ages love. He usually performs just up the hill from the San Clemente Pier, when the sun is getting low, and the bubbles catch the glow of the sunset and frame the pier. Sometimes he’ll also be on the beach.

Go follow his Facebook page, and watch his posts to find a time when you can catch him. It’s on our TO DO adventure list this week!

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