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#MilMomAdventure Tips for the SD Fair

One of the MilMom’s went to the San Diego County Fair for the first time yesterday – here are some tips from one gal to another on how to make the most of your day at the Fair.

Fair EntrancePlan ahead: Read what you can and cannot bring into the fair on their website. You don’t want to have to throw away said contraband item at the entrance.

Shoes: While the shoe of choice inSoCal is usually the flip flop, have everyone in your party wear closed toe shoes. Remember, it is a fairground that is a horse track most of the year – there is a lot of dirt.

Parking: There are off-site and on-site parking locations. The perk of on-site is that you only have to walk from your car to the fair, but on weekends and the next two days (July 3rd and July 4th) it is going to be busy. A MilMomAdventure reader shared that she spent an hour waiting for parking this past weekend before deciding to call it instead of waiting any longer.

#MilMomAdventureTip: Park off-site.  This week there are three parking spots per the SDFair website – Del Mar Horse Park, Mira Costa Community College and Torrey Pines High School. These parking sites are free, and have free shuttles (read: buses – some double decker, some school buses where your adult knees will smash into the seat in front of you). The shuttle process is very easy as shuttles come frequently.  Listen to 1680AM on the radio while en route to get the parking lot opening times for each day and other helpful details.

Food: Per the SD Fair website, you cannot bring in unsealed items, and your sippy cups need to be empty. We brought out trusty cooler with unopened snacks, an empty sippy cup, and a few unopened water bottles and got through security without a problem. It was great to know we had provisions if food was needed, and to have the water throughout the day.


Vendors: There are a lot of them. They are in every section of the Fair, so you will not be far from any snack.

#MilMomAdventureTip: Check them all out before you pick what you want to try,

We were recommended to try Chicken Charlie’s – the Fried Oreos were delicious funnel cake covered oreos. We also got the Fair order – we recommend the fried chicken and onion rings. Maybe we got a bad batch of fried zucchini rings, but they got 0/4 likes in our family.

Water: We brought in new water bottles to fill up the kiddos sippy cup. While normally we are all about reusable to remain recycling friendly, we also follow the rules.

#MilMomAdventureTip: Vendors will give you free cups of water, and free cups of ice to keep you hydrated throughout the day – and you will need it!


At the entrance ask for a free ID band for your child. They will give you a sharpie and you can write your phone number in it – that way if they get lost for any reason, you will be called. Such a great idea!

Stop by “The Farm” has a cute station where you or your littles can plant their seeds of choice and take a piece of the Fair home with them!

After you exit “the tunnel,” you will turn to the left and enter the World of Wonders where one-way free train rides are offered – this is definitely one for the kids. The perk is that the train will drop you off at the Farm area.

Candy samples – stop over in the Exhibit arena and you can score a couple candy treats while learning about the history of candy all over the world! This includes a chance to sample a Jelly Bean that’s either delicious or disgusting.  I got a coconut Jelly Bean while my husband got stink-bug and no kisses for an hour!

Gems: The Farm area is amazing! This is an appealing area for littles with colorful pathways and interactive exhibits, but this was visually appealing to this adult as well. There is a lot of historical and informative signs throughout this area. You can’t help but want to go home, grow your own colorful garden and eat a rainbow of colorful fruits and veggies.

Here is the plan for the 4th of July

There are two days left to the 2018 San Diego County Fair! Have fun! Hydrate! Eat fried food! Learn! Most of all -make magical moments!


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