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Staying in the magic at Disneyland with younger children

IMG_6049Going to a theme park with infants or toddlers can be overwhelming. When you have an infant and a toddler and older children, sometimes the vacations aren’t at locations that you would expect infants to be. Disneyland is a pretty infant/toddler-friendly place, despite what you may have heard.

There are two awesome baby centers in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure (DCA), one in each park, that have dedicated nursing spaces that are a great break from it all.  These spaces have air conditioning and heat when it is hot and cold respectively which are awesome perks when you are traveling with an infant. But if you have tots or other children, chances are that it will be a little more difficult to keep them entertained while you nurse.  There are television sets playing Disney movies in each center but are separated from the nursing area so if you are traveling alone with kiddos, you can’t keep an eye on the big kids while nursing in the nursing area – especially difficult if you are solo parenting or solo tripping it to the Anaheim theme park.


These are other spots within the park that you can sit down and nurse or feed your baby while still continuing to experience the magic.



Mickey and the Magical Map

Benches outside the exit of jungle cruise exit (great spot if you have another adult with you who may have taken the older kiddos on Jungle Cruise while you nurse)

Royal Storyteller Theatre

Benches by the fountain in Toon Town

Haunted Mansion – #milmomadventuretip – if it is near nap time, this is a dark and well air-conditioned place where you can cuddle baby or toddler and get them to sleep, whether they nurse or not.

Tables outside Rancho in Frontierland (bonus: there are heaters if it is cold!)

Benches pretty much anywhere where you can people watch while feeding the baby


Disney California Adventure

Frozen show

Beast’s Library in the Sorcerer’s Workshop

Turtle Talk with Crush – the benches outside and inside the show

The Little Mermaid – also a ride that is a great cool down spot but not dark enough to induce nap time in my experience.

#milmomadventuretip: Scarves double as nursing covers and nap time covers


The beauty in this theme park is that there are ways to stay active and keep up with the older kids, even while bottle feeding or nursing the baby. No matter the age of your kids when you explore Disneyland, have fun!


All the “any height rides,” you can babywear on! When I first walked on Buzz with my spouse and kiddo while babywearing, I expected to walk through to the exit – but was surprised that I could baby wear ON the ride. When I got off the ride, I asked a cast member and was pleasantly surprised when she shared the fact that any any height ride, you can baby wear on. So fear not, nap time will not stop ride time if you have older children that still want to ride It’s A Small World on repeat – if you want to or not.


Did you know you could baby wear on rides at Disneyland? Have you utilized shows as a time to feed the baby and continue on with the plan of the day? We hope your trip to Disneyland with tots goes smoothly!


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