NOLA – St. Roch Market

St. Roch Market is located in the Faoburg Marigny area of New Orleans, and is a “chef-centric” food hall located in an historic market building. There are 11 dining options and an award winning craft cocktail bar.

A few things we love about this food hall: there is something for everyone! This is a fantastic meeting spot for friends, family, or out of town guests, because everyone will find something wonderful to meet their tastebud cravings. And also, the parking is easy and free in a large lot across the street – we can’t say that about many other top restaurants in this city!

We visited early in the morning for breakfast, so many of the vendors were not yet serving food. But we enjoyed watching them prep their goods for later in the day.

My peppermint mocha latte was unbelievably good and put me in a holiday mood.

This biscuit and gravy was satisfying and filling that I actually forgot to eat lunch later in the day (and I am never normally one of those “oops I forgot to eat” people!). We also sampled the chicken and waffles, but it was consumed so quickly that I failed to get picture proof!

This beautiful Christmas tree welcomed us when we walked in. It called me to look upward and enjoy the gorgeous morning sun shining through those old market windows.

The market opens at 7am 7 days a week. Just know that some of the food vendors do not begin serving food until 9am, or later if they don’t have a breakfast menu. But there was plenty to chose from when we went around 8am. We will definitely be back for another meal.

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