5 Children’s Star Wars Books Every Star Wars Fan Needs

We are full-on Star Wars fans in our house. In elementary school, I watched Star Wars films IV – VI every Friday night sleepover. I can recall a specific moment standing on the side of our house taking out the trash cans (kids doing chores!) and talking to a friend about when the “new” Star Wars movies would come out (I-III). My husband also grew up enjoying Star Wars in addition to other Sci-Fi movies and shows, so it was no wonder that when we had children, we would start the love of Star Wars early with children’s books. Over the past decade we have found and gathered these books and share them now in preparation to celebrate May the 4th at home.

This is not a sponsored post, these are books we know and have enjoyed as a family. I have provided a link to the best deals for each option on the date of this post. There are also second-hand options available, which I did not link. (Some of the Amazon links may lead to a small commission, if you use them. I linked to the best prices available, from any seller.)

Star Wars A B C

This board book introduces little ones to the alphabet and iconic characters from Star Wars. Admittedly, I lost a few nerd points because there are characters mentioned, Zam, that I did not know, but when you need to represent A-Z, you have to reach into the vaults of information. When A was learning her alphabet, she would say things like “X-wing X” and “Wookie W” which was pretty amazing. This isn’t going to turn your child to the dark side, or even convince them to use the force, but it will introduce them to the lingo of the Star Wars films while also teaching them the alphabet!

Goodnight Darth Vader

In this alternate universe, Darth Vader is balancing fatherhood with running the Imperial forces ruling the galaxy. It is a cartoon format and absolutely hilarious. This story follows along as Darth Vader reads a bedtime story to his rebellious children, and it is obvious that even in space, parenting is hard.

There are several books in this line which add to this alternate storyline. It is sweet to imagine Darth as a father figure navigating Leia’s teen years and clothing choices, along with Luke’s training desires. The kids enjoy the stories, and the adults enjoy reading them. The author of the line, Jeffrey Brown, does a wonderful job illustrating and creating believable and funny storylines.

I Am A Princess(Star Wars)

The Golden Book lists the qualities Princess Leia portrayed throughout the movies. It showcases that princesses are fierce problem solvers and are active in their own story. While the kids do not notice it consciously, this books allows them the opportunity to self-identify which qualities they share with the Leia. Bonus that it is less than $4 on Amazon!

There is an entire line of Star Wars Golden Books including I am a Jedi, I am a Hero and I am a Wookie. We don’t own those…yet.

Jedi Academy Chapter Books

An offshoot of the films, these books follows students of Jedi Academy where they are trained by Jedi Masters all while growing and navigating the usual, and not so usual, challenges of school. Our first grader is enjoying the Christina Starspeeder stories and her sweet pet Fluffernut. The books are a mix of journal entries, comics and artwork which is appealing to young readers, and keeps them engaged in the story. They are rated for grade level 3-7 and ages 8-12.

BB-8 on the Run

This one is a recent add to our collection within the last year. Our family dressed as Han, Leia, Rey and BB-8 for Star Wars Day at Disneyland a couple of years ago, and since then anything BB-8 is adored. The story follows BB-8 on Jakku as he works to help the resistance after he gets separated from Po. The beautiful pictures compliment the story, and add to the colorful tale.

BONUS!Watch Daisy Ridley (Rey herself!) read it on Disney’s YouTube channel. It’s cheaper on Amazon for the kindle version, but the cheapest hardbook was found on Barnes and Noble online.


We will celebrate May the 4th with Star Wars-themed food and crafts. And just may dress up too. We will probably read these books, but that is no different from any other day in our house.

May the Force be with you!

If you are looking for more Star Wars – check out our post on Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. More Star Wars at home posts are coming.

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