5 Halloween Traditions You Can Continue at any Duty Station

Moving means having mobile decorations, and perhaps limited options to stay under the weight limit or move overseas for a military family. Having traditions is important in building your family history and are honestly quite fun. For the nomads of the world, here are 5 Halloween Traditions you can continue at any duty station.

  1. Cook the same meal every Halloween. Life gets busy – training schedules change, all festivals and PTA meeting abound during the start of the holiday season. I suggest utilizing your crockpot or instant pot create a meal to schedule for Halloween night. Our favorite is chili. Yes it warms you up on cool nights which might not occur at every duty station, but it is something you look forward to every year.IMG_4443
  2. A transportable holiday decoration. Something we started once we moved back from overseas and had a yard, were eyes in the bushes. All you need is toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls and glow sticks and cut eyes out of them and hide them in the bushes. On Halloween night we crack glow sticks and put them in. While we haven’t had a bush at every duty station, we have put them in windows and flowerpots to keep up with the consistency. It’s recycling at its best and is hilarious.IMG_4441
  3. A shareable treat. Something we like to do as a family tradition is have crockpots alcohol free apple cider available for anyone to get while trick-or-treating. Well this street is probably more for the adults and the kids, a beverage to keep you warm on cold nights or just to enjoy well at with the kids is why we always put out a crockpot and insulated cups.

    clear glass mason bottles with apple juice
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  4. Boo baskets. This year my oldest and I wrote the poem for our Boo Baskets, it was fun, hilarious and educational! No matter where we live we can grab a couple buckets filled with goodies and surprise a neighbor. It’s a good deed that feels good for both the booer and the booed.MMA Boo Baskets1
  5. Cookie decorating. Thanks to discounts at places like Michael’s, we can score pumpkin and broom shaped sprinkles for a couple dollars and spice up those store-bought sugar cookies or make a batch from scratch. No matter where we live, there is someone home we can gift cookies too. Whether it is the bus driver, the office, or a neighbor who could use a pick me up. Bonus is scheduling a time to decorate cookies with friends.

    With each move, we can’t go to the same pumpkin patch to take pictures year after year or even have a pumpkin patch nearby, we know we can do these five traditions every year. What are your favorite Halloween traditions? Are you ready for Halloween yet?

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