Baby Beach in Dana Point

The name tells you almost everything you need to know: Baby Beach in the Dana Point harbor. This is a review of a great beach for little kids up in Dana Point, aptly named “Baby Beach”.

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We recently discovered this small stretch of beach up in Dana Point when a friends invited us up for a beach morning with our tots.

The beach is a medium sized stretch of soft sand with no rocks. It is in a protected cove so there is no surf. The water is calm like a lake and there is a large area of water that is roped in by netting for children to wade and swim in.

This beach is popular with stand up paddle boarders so having a size-able stretch of water that paddle boarders are not coming and going is a great for uninterrupted swimming and playing for babies and toddlers.

Good to know before you go

  • The beach is officially called “Baby Beach” so that helps when searching for the address for your GPS. There are road signs as you get close to the beach that direct you to “Baby Beach”.
  • There is free parking but it fills up fast. If you get there early in the monring on a weekend you will likely snag a spot on your first go around of the parking lot. The later in the morning/afternoon the more you will have to circle to secure parking.
  • Good news is it is a short walk from the parking to the beach!

  • There are not any convenience shops or restaurants in easy walking distance. We suggest you pack your own snacks and lunch and bring them with you.
  • There is no natural or artificial shade cover at the beach. Make sure to bring umbrellas, tents, and hats.
  • There are public washrooms
  • The beach is adjacent to The Ocean Institute if you want to double up on adventures for the day and satisfy little minds that want to learn more about the ocean. General admission is $10

Now that summer is over crowds are getting thinner at the beach. As a local that lives near the coast year round we have the privilege of enjoying the beach n the off season as well as peak season. The great part of that is it is almost always sunny in SoCal. It is never a bad day to go to the beach. Seize your locals advantage and invite your friends and fellow baby/toddler parent squad to Baby Beach soon!


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