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One of my favorite things to do when Halloween time hits is make “boo baskets”. Boo baskets are baskets full of goodies that you drop off at neighbors to “boo” them as part of the festive Halloween celebrations.  It is a tradition we can carry with us no matter where we live which is enjoyable. You can be new to the neighborhood and still leave random presents at a neighbors (but it does help if you know if there are kids in the home or what they may enjoy). We can do this every year – no matter where we live, and no matter how long we have lived there. My oldest looks forward to making them and delivering them – especially being sneaky to ring the doorbell and run (but watching her friends opening the door to find a basket of goodies from afar).

MMA Boo Baskets1

What to include:

Anything goes. We happen to have a crafty school aged child who picked out things she thought she would like, and therefore her friends would like.

MMA Boo Baskets 2
Boo Baskets for school-aged children:
Glow sticks
Jump Rope
Sidewalk Chalk
Silly String

Boo Baskets for babies:
Halloween Bib
Halloween Shirt
Pumpkin Baby food
Halloween Board book

Boo Baskets for teens:
Adult coloring book
Coloring pencils
Silly String
Paper Straws


The final stage to the boo basket is adding the “boo”! This sign is copied and placed in the basket so that the sign can be placed in the recipients window letting everyone know they have been Booed. The second paper included in the basket is the printable Halloween poem. To share and spread the Halloween cheer, those who are boo’d are encouraged to make boo baskets to give out to two more neighbors so the festivities can continue! We enjoy driving through the neighborhood seeing how far the “We’ve been booed!” sign has spread. Use the printable Boo sign and Halloween poem made by my daughter to spread some ghoulish delight in your ‘hood!


Don’t forget the adults! We have Boozed our neighbors, and it has been a hit as well! We were introduced to the concept when we were boozed a few years ago, and we enjoy doing it now. We have even “boozed” neighbors with an 8 pack of sparkling water or sparkling cider if they are pregnant or do not drink alcohol.


What would you put in a Boo Basket? Will you Boo your neighbors this year! If so, please let us know how it goes over!



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