Can You Stay at the Disneyland Hotel Concierge or Club Level?

Can you stay at the Disneyland Hotel concierge or Club level?

Have you heard of the concierge or club level at the Disneyland Hotel? I first saw it when pricing out a potential hotel stay. Looking at the price per night I about fell over. Was there gold lining somewhere? What is a concierge level room? Why is the Disneyland Hotel so special? The club level rooms have access to the club lounge, the E-Ticket lounge at the Disneyland Hotel. The perk with this level is the view from the lounge. From the comfort of an air-conditioned or heated lounge, you can sit and watch Fireworks, while sipping champagne or your drink of choice while snacking on sweet treats. And then when the show is over, walk back to your room within minutes. The Disneyland Hotel is special in itself. It is the hotel that Walt first imagined to pair with the Disneyland park, and the E-ticket lounge reflects the history of the park, even including framed original tickets from the opening of the park.

Can you stay at the club level at the Disneyland Hotel

Food. The food isn’t just for fireworks. Breakfast aptly named “Magical Beginnings” is offered every morning. Choose from Mickey waffles, cereal, fruit, and pastries. “Intermission” or a lunch-ish offering of snacks of fruit, vegetables, granola and other snacks. “Magic Hours” is the dinner equivalent and offered hot and cold appetizers that is enough to fill you up.
Later evening the “sweet dreams” is offered of fruit, desserts and after dinner drinks. A huge refrigerator of drinks is available of soft drinks, tomato juice and juice boxes. A gourmet coffee station is on offer as well for a caffeine fix throughout the day. In addition, adult beverages are available throughout the day. One morning, they noticed my birthday pin and brought me a glass of sparkling wine.

Can you stay at the club level at the Disneyland Hotel?

Personal touches. The concierge level cast members had a coloring book and cups of crayons for little ones and would often come over with offerings to children. Since there are dedicated staff in the lounge, you can book reservations in hard to book places or they can send a note to a restaurant about a birthday for a special treat. The fun perk for a down day or evening was the DVD rental. A bounty of classic and new Disney movies are available for borrowing to watch in your room (each room has a DVD player).

Can you stay at the club level at the Disneyland Hotel?

Is it worth it? It all depends on how much you use the lounge. We went in September of 2017. We had just moved to Southern California and were celebrating two birthdays and a promotion. We weren’t going to have the traditional birthday party since we just moved to the area, and a hard-earned work promotion is worth the celebration. In addition, we planned to go to the Disneyland After Dark Event of Halloween, so we were planning to be in the park for one evening and could spend the rest of the time in the hotel and at the pool. Since we would be eating most meals in the lounge, we saw it as we were paying for food in our “all-inclusive” resort. We ate two lunches, two breakfasts, one dinner and dessert (we were in the park for the Halloween event Monday night) for four.

Guesstimates of costs for food and drinks

Breakfast: $30 x 2 = $60

Can you stay at disneyland hotel concierge level

Lunch: $40 x 2 = $80

Snacks: $30

Dinner: $60

Can you stay at the concierge level at Disneyland Hotel

Dessert: $40

Adult beverages: $80 (if including Disney prices)

That would be $350 guesstimating that was included for food. We brought in PB&J and snacks from the lounge for dinner in the park. If you will be eating a few meals at the lounge, or want to enjoy a beer while watching fireworks, splurging on concierge club-level room may be up your alley. Wanting to enjoy a gorgeous view of the fireworks with music piped in with the kids in their PJs and the ability to stroll into your room to all head to bed moments after its ending, then the club level might be worth the splurge.

Can you stay at the club level at the Disneyland Hotel?

There are discounts available. In certain months, if you are an Annual Passholder, Disney has historically offered a percentage off rooms. There is also Salute offer for military (per Disney this includes all branches of the DOD, Coast Guard and the USPHS), which offers up to 40% off rooms including the concierge level rooms. Call the Disney hotline (866) 43-DISNEY for booking, or contact a travel agent. We are not travel agents and do not earn any commission in sharing our stay with you. Full disclosure – we paid $500 a night for the room. We stayed Sunday – Tuesday, attending a Monday night Halloween party. Upon calling and checking a year later, the same level room was $625 a night which was over budget and we did not stay again.

You do not have to be staying at Club level rooms to enjoy the views from a room in the Adventure Tower or the musical light up headboard. Seriously, the headboards light up and the music of “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” plays. It was played every night as a “kiss goodnight.” The pool is a MONORAIL pool…with slides! So if you are looking for a magical room, maybe a stay at the Disneyland Hotel is in your future.

Will you stay at a club level room at the Disneyland Hotel? Have you already? What did you think?

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