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How often do you get to go out to the movies? If you are like me, your answer is never. Since having kids, trips to the movie theater are few and far between. When we are lucky and our stars align in the needed trifecta of my spouse being home, having a sitter, and there being a movie out we want to see– we splurge and make a big date out of it. We do that by going to a luxury cinema. Of all the fancy theaters we have been to our favorite is right here in SoCal: Cinepolis.

Cinepolis is a chain that spread into the US a few years ago from Mexico. Ever since I first stepped foot in one years ago I was impressed. Now, the added dimension of having children has made me even more appreciative of its unique amenities.

Cinepolis offers a luxury experience that I appreciate for multiple reasons. One is that you select your exact seat in advance. There is no anxiety about showing up extra early to snag the center front row. You can buy your tickets ahead of time on your phone or computer, waltz in during the previews, and sit exactly where you planned. As an added bonus, many of the locations have their seating arranged in doubles and singles allowing more intimacy than your average moviegoing experience. Speaking of seats, theirs are huge, comfortable, reclining leather chairs with armrests.

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Beyond the seating, we love the food. In most locations, every seat has a small side table with two menus –one for food and one for wine and cocktails –and a swiveling table for you to place your food and drinks. I especially love when they offer theme cocktails for new release films. If I am not in the mood for a cocktail or glass of wine, I order a Mexican Mocha, because for this MilMom staying up past 9pm requires a shot of espresso.

My favorite part of ordering food? At the La Costa location someone comes to your chair at the push of a button to take your order and then brings it to you at any point in the movie! No longer do you need to pick a slow point in the film to sprint out to the snack counter for refreshments. Your artisan cheese plate, lobster roll, glass of Pinot Grigio, and churro bites (not to give away how much I like to eat at the movies) will be handed directly to you without missing a moment of viewing.

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Know Before You Go

Tickets are $25.50 per adult with special rates for matinees and weekday nights

Many of the local locations show classic films on Tuesday nights

There are multiple locations in SoCal including San Diego, Carlsbad, Vista, Laguna Niguel, Pico Rivera, and Westlake Village.

Locations vary in what they offer. As an example, the location in Vista is unique in that it has a kid friendly theater room, Cinepolis Junior, with bean bags and play structures inside which is great for outings with your little ones, but for date nights Vista is not a favorite because there is no ordering from your seat, and has a limited menu without certain food items or alcoholic beverages. We especially love the La Costa Carlsbad location for all the frills and luxuries the chain is known for

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Have you been to a Cinepolis? What do you look for in a movie date?

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