Date Night In: Painted with Love

In the past, we have gone on a date where we painted in a studio with dinner and wine and conversation. It was lovely and relaxing. We have since had even crazier schedules, and moved – so still in that phase of finding a sitter that our kids will trust and that mom (me) can relax while we are out. So the theme of a Paint Night In was so awesome. I have seen Bob Ross on Netflix and considered my husband and I doing that for a date night, so for the box to come with a free instruction and all the supplies – even better.

IMG_4240Unboxing revealed the supplies we would need for the evening:

2 -8×10 canvases

Primary colors paint set




Candle: Anjou Pear and Lemongrass (smelled amazing!)

Treat: Rock Candy

A small container of school glue


Faith Night In pamphlet


Our instructions stated a cup was supposed to be in our box but was not included, so I grabbed the peanut butter jar lid we use for the water container for kids crafts

Finding the time for this date night was more difficult with even crazier schedules this month. Deployment is looming and that leads to longer hours all around, and often less family time. But when we were able to find the time, it was a relaxing date day for both of us.

This month we tried the faith date night in. This means we get the contents of a regular date night in box, but with a faith pamphlet with a verse to ponder and reflect on with personal reflection questions. This was a nice addition. The verse was 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, which is a verse that is used often in discussions of love and passion. We will try another faith night in box to determine our thoughts on the faith addition of the box.

IMG_4237As part of the box, a free video instruction for at home painting was included. It was fun and relaxing to be able to do it in our own home. There were two video options to choose from, in addition to the added bonus of resist painting using the white school glue. The resist option is something we are saving to do on another night – we knew we wouldn’t have two nights in a close enough time frame to do it in, but enjoyed reading more about resist painting (which we had to do because neither of us had heard of it before!)

Set up to paint

While the painting was drying, we took a “colors of love quiz” that was included in our instruction pamphlet. I had never heard of anything like it and found it to be fun and insightful. This is the kind of reflection we enjoy – learning more about each other, and in a way that we may not be able to normally say because of life’s pace. This is so needed for anyone married or dating – the time to reflect on each other, and learn more about each other creating the resilience needed in relationships.

We didn’t participate in the menu this month, but recipes for fun tapas were included that I have saved for a future date night (we still haven’t caught up on our Marvel movies) but this month was just too crazy. We have also saved the rock candy for another evening, but what a fun and colorful treat!

As per previous boxes, there was a list of date night movies to choose from following the painting theme. It was funny reviewing the list and determining which ones we had each seen and which ones we hadn’t. It is a reveal in our movie repertoire weakness that needs to be corrected as time allows!

Have you considered a date night in box subscription? Life gets busy – especially as the holiday times approach, and in some military families, training and deployment. Having a box sent with everything included is a nice treat to be able to break out without much forethought when the time presents itself. If you want to try it out for yourself – click here. We plan to hold a Date Night In giveaway to three readers and followers soon- so stay tuned!

What do you do to keep dating your spouse? Have you tried the Date Night In Box?

We were given this box for free, but are not ambassadors for this company and do not earn commission on any purchases.

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