Day 4: Homeschool/Play school

Here we are – day 4. Today will be a little bit different since I have to leave to go to the hospital for a few hours, so there will be a little more self-guided time and craft time. I learned about a ton of free resources coming out of this necessary quarantine, and I hope that these resources continue to keep our country together and connected.

Self-Learning Books: Before all this, I had purchased two books on Amazon – a tracing letters book for the preschooler and a TinkerActive Math book for the first grader. I wanted to build their confidence in both the subjects, and because it is “their own” thing, they really enjoy it. Both books were under $10 which is a bonus, especially as I see that some prices have increased. They were able to sit still and do this for about 20 minutes.

Creative Play: We really needed a little more playtime, and yesterday it was rainy so we couldn’t get our walk in. Letting the girls take charge, they took over and made “menus” and started a “restaurant”.

Buckingham Palace Tour: Being the history lovers we are, we have shared this love of history with our kiddos. While we cannot go to England currently, and not sure when we will, you can tour Buckingham Palace virtually now!

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Virtual Field Trip at 12:00 PST: Ee tuned into the Cincinnati Zoo again to watch and learn about the sloths. Check out the Zoo Home Safari page after each Facebook Live for the previously recorded videos. The videos here run smoother than the Live versions, but I have to say I am impressed with how well the Facebook lives have been working in regards to speed and quality of video.

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems: Day 3 of Lunch Doodles for free on YouTube! The beauty of these lessons being on YouTube is that there is not a virtual waiting room or cap of when you can get

Painting: Ending the day with some creativity – using our paint supplies, the girls were tasked with drawing the favorite thing they learned about today. And then present their drawing.

No pictures today because M was balancing homeschool with work due to me being gone most of the day. I read a new term for this school – “isolation school”. It isn’t wrong. We didn’t necessarily plan for homeschool – didn’t plan or research curriculum, this is a hodge podge of resources. What resources have you found and enjoyed during this “isolation school” time?

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