Day 7 – Isolation School: Exploration of Art

Wednesday was our day off of school because I was at the hospital for several hours. When we got home I asked the eldest what she wanted to do for school on Thursday and she excitedly announced “Art!” and promptly got her Famous Paintings art cards. The school gave her a packet which she completed in two days instead of slowly doing it over five (she gets so excited) so we take the reins on the other days of the week for more learning and fun in different ways. So today, we present – art fun.

The Famous Paintings cards are from Usborne. I am not an Usborne rep, but you probably know someone who is, so if you are interested in them – ask one! The cards share facts like the artist, when/where/what it was painted as well as where it can be seen in person. There are also facts about the painting on the cards, which we all enjoy.

Coloring Sheets

Based on the art cards, I found coloring sheets for a few drawings to do as a family as we learn about each painting. I do not have an association with these companies, these are just coloring sheets I found online.

Girl with a Pearl Earring by Jan Vermeer coloring sheet

Mona Lisa coloring sheet

A Water Lily coloring sheet representing Monet’s The Water Lily Pond painting

Starry Night by VanGogh coloring sheet

Hunters In Snow by Brueghel coloring sheet

Dancers inspired by Degas’ Dancers in Blue

The Great Wave by Hokusai

The Persistence of Memory coloring sheet

Virtual Art Tours

Photo by on

The Lourve may be closed to the public right now, but there are several exhibits on virtual tour. We checked out the Advent of the Artist in the 360 degree view. It feels like you are walking through the empty museum halls. The writing next to paintings were in English so we could read along. A likes Ladybug and Cat Noir, and she recognized the Lourve from the show and asked to see all the virtual exhibits. We checked out the Galerie d’Apollon as well which provides context and definitions for the types of art and history of it as well as a smaller version of a virtual tour.

The Van Gogh Museum in Netherlands is available on Google Arts and Culture for a virtual tour. It was a little more difficult to read the writing next to the art, but it was enjoyable to see all the art.

Our final stop in our virtual art tour was the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands via Google Arts and Culture. Like the Van Gogh Museum, you can enjoy the paintings but the cards detailing the information is not clear and visible.

It’s pretty amazing that these virtual opportunities exist. In my search, I found a couple Egyptian exhibits so those will likely come in play in the next month or two. Our adventures may look different now, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening!

How is your isolation school faring? Or maybe you are taking a break!? That’s totally okay too – and we have been doing 4 day school weeks right now, because that is life. Check out our daily school adventures on our Instagram and Facebook. This week is spring break – and we have some fun virtual days planned!

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