Disney Character Warehouse

Saving money and Disney vacation are not phrases you usually hear together. The Disney Character Warehouse is the answer to both these things. When on a vacation at the Disney World Parks, it is natural to want to bring home souvenirs. In Orlando, there are two Disney Character Warehouses where items from the parks are sold at a discounted price. Yes, Parks plural – merchandise from Disneyland, Disney World, Shanghai Disney, and Tokyo Disney were all seen while at a recent visit to these outlets. Disney Cruise Line items were there too!

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Need to Know

There are two outlets:

  • Disney Character outlet at Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets
  • Disney Character outlet at Orlando International Outlets

There are similarities and differences between the outlets, as you would expect.  Vineland entrance pictured on left and International entrance pictured on right.

The Disney character outlet on Vineland is larger with the larger selection because it has a larger footprint, so if you have to choose just one – this would be the one to hit for variety and options.  There are bigger lines here if you go at a peak time. We saw several families have one adult stand in line while the rest shopped and kept bringing items to the person waiting in line. Lines at Vineland (L) and International (R)

Parking was difficult to find at both locations if you go during the day or a weekend. Take the first spot you see!  Going at night, there was ample parking.


Items rotate on a daily basis and are restocked overnight and throughout the day. If you are looking to purchase pins, they will be available at opening or in the off season per Cast Members at both locations.

Like any store not all prices are created equal. Some prices, like the candy, are the same prices that you will find in the parks or on resort property. Not every item is on sale, but it is for sale.

Summer is the time to find discounted Christmas decor it seems as Christmas ornaments were a great find for $2.99-$7.99.
If you are looking for ears, we found some for $7.99! That’s a deal compared to the $30 in the parks.
Items that were there during our visit or even the same day, may not always be there. Be prepared to soak it all in and decide.


This is hard to write on because there is so much turn-over, but here is a list of items we did see on our visit.

  • Adult clothing: T-shirts, Shorts, Boxers, Underwear, Sweatshirts, Socks
  • Kids clothing: T-shirts, Shorts, Skirts, Dresses, Socks
  • Kids Costumes
  • Kitchenware
  • Seasonal Items: Ornaments, Holiday Tree Skirts, Luminaries
  • Lanyards, Pin Backs, Pins
  • Toys, Coloring kits
  • Ears and hats!
  • Photo Books and Frames
  • Plushies
  • Bubble Wands and Light up Toys

The variety of items was matched by the parks represented. If you went on a Disney Cruise this year, there were shirts, photo frames and albums galore!

There may not have the specific item you saw in the parks, but who knows – maybe they will!

Things to Consider:

If you are at WDW on vacation, you may not have a rental car.  Without a rental car, a trip to the outlets may require a Uber or Lyft for a visit. It may be worth the cost to get more items for less, or it may not depending on what you find there. YouTuber Tim Tracker has gone in the past and has videos of his finds, so maybe see if he has been recently if there is something you want. Keep in mind content in the store changes daily. While we were there items sold out in the morning!
It’s exciting to see what is on offer. At the end of the visit, you will have spent time with your family and maybe leave with a few magical items!

May your shopping visit be filled with fairy dust and fun!

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