DNI: A Great Love

In all honesty, date nights are rare throughout our married life post children. For lots of reasons, but moving often and the lack of trusted babysitters is definitely a big one. Having a date night box that is pre-planned and curated for us provides us the means to date at home, even if the kids are in bed but not asleep, with the flexibility to accommodate a continuously changing schedule. We received our box a few weeks ago and had planned different evenings multiple times this past week and it didn’t happen until last night. Because life. Life happens, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t invest in each other and our relationship.

The theme of “Great Love” takes on the theme of the Great Gatsby and roaring 20s of games and mystery. This date box is probably tied for first for our favorite along with the Aloha DNI box. While we won’t choose our date themes, part of the fun it’s be surprise.

The Spotify music list was excellent and in keeping with the theme save for a couple of songs that can be easily skipped. We listened to the music long after our activities were done for the evening.

Two games were included:Dominoes set and DNI-developed Murder Mystery Game.

The dominoes set came with a video link tutorial on Mexican Train. My husband had seen others play the game but hadn’t played. Truthfully, I hadn’t played the game but had heard of it. It was an easy game to learn and could see us picking this up as a fun family game while camping or just trying to do a family game night. Have you played before?

The second game was developed just for the box as a mix of Clue and Go Fish. As Clue is a favorite game in our house, this was exciting. The characters all had backstories provided in the pamphlet. Weapons and locations were also listed on cards. We played multiple rounds and provided ample laughs and intrigue. The beauty of this card game is it is small enough that we could carry it in a pocket to play outside for a quick evening game or take on a plane. These reusable items provide for together time more than just once, proving what an investment the DNI boxes have become.

The featured snack was a Creme Brûlée fudge made by the Pittsburgh-based chocolatier Chocolate Moonshine. It was smooth, rich and delicious. How did they get that crispy flavor on top of the fudge? So good. If you get an opportunity to try their fudge, you definitely should. We checked out their website and they have so many flavors of interest.

We snacked on the fudge while we answered questions for our time capsule. After being separated geographically while my husband was deployed, the questions were poignant reminders that we are learning to get back in the swing of things, reflections on our growth and our hopes for the future. It will be exciting to open this in 10 years although we laughed when it said to hide it in a basement or attic…that box will be moved multiple times before it is opened. It was fun to relect on the last half of the year – being separated by military deployment and the growth experienced through it, and what we had been able to do as a family since reunion and what we wanted to do together in the coming years.

Parenting is hard work. Adulting is not what we all envisioned (am I right?) – what strengthens the adult relationship is alone time, together time to develop and continue that relationship. If your life is full of work, acitivities, summer comings and going and life, do not neglect yourself or the partnership in your life – go on a date. If your life cannot support a date night out, or the cost associated with it, consider a Date Night In. Be surprised with what you will do as a date next month, and save money while you are at it!

If you are looking for more – consider a 6 or 12 month subscription, use the code NIB2FREE for 2 free dates!  If you are interested in trying out a Kids Night In Box or Date Night In Box, click here. We were given this box for free, but are not ambassadors for this company and do not earn commission on any purchases.

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