Easy No-Stress Halloween Fun

When October 1st rolled around and I started seeing Halloween and fall images popping up all over social media, I felt slightly overwhelmed. Major Holiday FOMO. We just PCSed, and most of our seasonal decorations were in the pile that didn’t make the cut when we downsized. Replenishing that stock of decorative items hasn’t been a priority in the budget, either, as we all know there are plenty more important things that take financial precedent after a move (hello security deposits, down payments, pantry restock, etc.). Still, I felt like I wanted to bring a little of the season into our home. Hello Target Dollar Spot and Hobby Lobby 40% off to the rescue!

I decided to start small, dedicating just one shelf in our dining area to the season. I was able to pick up a few fun decorations for under $10. I also included in the decor some new books (and well loved books, sourced from our own collection) featuring the upcoming holiday. In addition, I hung up some holiday themed artwork my kids brought home from school.

When my kids got home from school and saw this, they were so excited! We read the books at the dinner table, and they loved the ghost lantern with the battery operated tea candle inside. It really doesn’t take a lot to make kids smile! And it’s surprising how much you can source from your own home to decorate with. Enlist your kids to help create some orange and black art – I think we all have some paper and crayons!

Another quick and inexpensive way we have been preparing for Halloween this month has been baking together. For under $5, I had the ingredients for a perfect Halloween dessert.

I added some toppings from the Target seasonal aisle and our own pantry.

My kids loved decorating this cake (and I have enjoyed eating a little each night with a cup of coffee).

When I’m overcome with Holiday FOMO, I have to remind myself that with kids, the little things are important. And our time together is the most important. Sure, the Halloween Peeps were fun to put on the cake, but what was best was the time we spent decorating that cake together. I might not have my entire house decorated for the holiday like our neighbors, but we’ll have fun as a family one night going for a walk to see all the giant inflatables and orange lights they have up.

Less is more. Don’t get overwhelmed by the holidays and turn it into a giant ball of stress for yourself! Start small and do what you can with your time and budget. For under $20, I’d say my family is off to a good start, and my kids can’t wait for the 31st!

Now please don’t ask me what they are going to be for Halloween yet, because their answer changes daily.

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