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Military families face many challenges during holiday periods- isolation from family and familiarity for one. Add in deployment and that adds another layer of emotion. Father’s Day can be sad and difficult when the active duty spouse is the father that is not home. Sending a Father’s Day gift that is useful, will be enjoyed and will actually make it to the destination after a month of travel can be challenging. Troopster makes choosing a Father’s Day gift to send overseas easy to pick from with the knowledge that it will be relished, and likely shared!

Chelsea, the mastermind behind Troopster, served in the Navy for 7 years as a Photojournalist. She saw first-hand what it was like to receive packages that were packaged and sent with love only to spoil, melt or not make it after their travel to wherever the active duty member is deployed. When looking for resources online to share with her mom and her co-workers family members on what to send overseas or order a box to send, she couldn’t find any. As a result, she wanted to address this through a business.

Care Packages

Troopster offers 30 different pre-made care packages. With 8 categories to choose from: Army Care Packages, Navy Care Packages, Air Force Packages, Marine Care Packages, Healthy Care Packages, Girlfriend Care Packages, Boyfriend Care Packages and All Military Care Packages – there options for all. The beauty of these packages is that each time is something that an active duty member will enjoy and will make it in shipping, no matter the shipping conditions. Prices range from $16 to $86 allowing for flexibility in budget all while supporting deployed service members.  These care packages are not just snacks. Its fuel for their work all while showing love and support. Subscribe for boxes to be sent every 1-6 months, and with subscription a 25% discount is offered.


Troopster follows the trends with what will be enjoyed and used. They are always on the search for healthier options of chip, bars, snack and protein items. They look for veteran owned and veteran friendly wholesalers to provide the products. The curation of the boxes themselves is done by a team of veterans who find new care packages and develop the names for the care packages. Trust that every package is veteran-approved!

Community Spirit

Troopster is a not-for-profit business that utilizes volunteers and promotes community spirit by inviting the community to pack the boxes that are donated monthly at their fulfillment center. Packages are sent out almost daily.

If you want to volunteer , check out the registration sheet here. Volunteers in the Virginia Beach area can pack boxes. Not local but want to help, perhaps you can provide services like legal or tax work.

If you know someone who could use a pick-me-up or perhaps isn’t getting any care packages, you can request a free care package here. If you don’t know a service member but wish to donate, click here.

Corporate and Event Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors like Jersey Mike’s Subs, Event Sponsors like Chick-fil-A and One Nation Coffee and volunteers are what make Troopster’s mission to provide care packages for all deployed service members manageable. If you or someone you know are interested in Corporate Sponsorship, utilize the form from here to do so. Many deployed service members do not have family or friends who send packages, and Troopster helps to fill the void in addition to providing options for those who want to send a well-meaning package abroad.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Chelsea was a photojournalist in the Navy when she started on this journey. She shared that she did not have any experience in creating a non-profit prior to Troopster.  She used lunch breaks to read Business for Dummies’ and print-outs from the Small Business Administration. She found a need, committed her time and has not built a successful business supporting her fellow armed service members protecting and serving around the world. Her tip for others wanting to start a non-profits is to “Visit the Small Business Administration and local Business Centers who can help guide you on the forms you need and the resources available to you.”

Chelsea shared that her favorite quote is from Barack Obama- “If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress”. A reminder that every step makes a difference.


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Check out our Instagram on June 4th to watch an unboxing and to enter to win a Troopster care package to send to the active duty member in your life!

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