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Hi! Welcome to the Mil Mom Adventures Blog! We are Ashley, Heather and Sarah.  The three of us gals are ladies, professionals, wives, mothers and adventurers! Wearing all those hats can be fun, exhausting, crazy and amazing. Then add in the title of military spouse and – bam! Even more fun (or chaos – your choice)! For those who also share that title – you get it. While it can be a challenge to balance it all, we see these years as an adventure – a way to explore the locations the military sends us, enjoy what the locale has to offer and make memories with our families.

We wanted to capture those adventures and put them on paper, if you were to print it – to both keep them for old times’ sake, and to share the knowledge of locale so others can also benefit from that collective knowledge. So, if you are looking for information on how to save money, how to fit in working out with child-rearing, how to fit in mom time, what to check out at your new location after a PCS, and so much more…we are here together.

We currently live in Southern California and New Orleans  – so we will be highlighting all that SoCal and NOLA has to offer and sharing some past experiences in places such as Virginia, Washington DC and Okinawa, Japan.


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