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Y’all, I’m a nerd. Friday nights in elementary school were all about watching a Star Wars movie with my best friend, drinking Sprite, eating popcorn and playing in the pool. Nostalgic memories of a relaxed age always come up when I watch movies 4,5 and 6 now as an adult. Now there is an entire land at Disneyland dedicated to Star Wars. Oh. My. Batuu.

Tomorrow (May 30th) I will be joining a friend for the media event at Disneyland. This is exciting and unprecedented. I write for the online magazine Daily Mom Military which is part of the Daily Mom family, and because of that connection she hooked me up as her plus one. This fulfills a dream of being accepted as media and covering one of my favorite topics – Disney! I still aspire that one day MilMomAdventures will be asked to get and give the scoop to our followers on all things Disney, and for this event, we can!

The media “embargo” (oh Disney, you get me) was placed until 6 pm PST on May 29. No info or photos about the land could be shared until this point without concern of rejection or rescinding of media priveleges. You bet I waited until well after 6 pm to publish this. Here is the scoop on what I know now, and check out the Galaxy’s Edge Highlight on our Instagram for even more pictures and videos!!!


To my surprise, alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase within the land. Historically, Disneyland has been dry and the only place to purchase alcoholic beverages is inside Club 33. This break from tradition is sure to please the rebel alliance.

Oga’s Cantina: The catina will be open throughout the day. The catina will have two food offerings for breakfast of oatmeal and a “Lava roll” which is listed as a sweet delight so I assume it will be a donut of some variety. A coffee-based and bloody-mary-like alcoholic drink will be available for purchase for breakfast in addition to the standard breakfast beverages.

Snacks of “Batuu Bits” (described as a light crisp snack mix from the galaxy) will be available for purchase along with the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The cocktails with names of The Jedi Mind Trick, The Outer Rim and the Dagobauh Slug Slinger are sure to be hits. Even the non-alcoholic beverages are awesomely named – “The Cliff Dweller” is a combination of juices, ginger ale, hibiscus-grenadine and cocount; and the Blue Bantha is blue milk served with a Bantha-inspired vanilla-sugar cookie (the drink will contain Coconut). Beers, wine and cider will be available on tap in addition to a beer flight served in a Rancor Beer Flight Souvenir board and glasses.

Ronto Roasters: Will offer wraps for breakfast and lunch for the rebel on the go along with non-alcoholic beverages.

Milk Stand: You know that blue and green milk in the cantina you see the aliens and Luke drinking in A New Hope? You can have your own from the milk stand! These aren plant based drinks with rice and coconut milks, and rumours are they will be a welcome sugar rush those offered at Tomorrowland Terrance currently. These will be refreshing when you are out underneath the suns (get it?…a little nerd humor)

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo: The cargo bay will offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and beverages throughout the day. The main fare for dinner that is sure to be Instagrammed and Tweeted (that’s the right verb, right?) is Endorian Tip-Yip and Tip-Yip salad. There will also be a plant loaf on offer called Ithorian Garden Loaf and a Braised Shaak Roast (beef pot roast) that sounds delish!

Kids meals will be available for purchase which will include the Tip-Yip (chicken) that I know will be a hit with parents and children alike. The two Disney check meals on offer will be a smaller portoin of the shrimp noodle salad that is also on offer for adults and a “Taste of Takonda” which will offer “edible soil with nuts”, black bean hummus, chilled dipping vegetables and multi-grain crisps. As usual, all Kids meals will come with a small milk or small Dasani water.

Two deserts will be on offer. The Batuu-bon: chocolate cake, white chocolate mouse and coffee custard. The Oi-Oi Puff is a raspberry cream puff with passion fruit mouse that sounds tasty.

This is not the full menu, but just a taste. It is making me hungrier than a Sarlacc Sand Pit Monster (more nerd humor, just laugh!)

Mobile ordering will be available for the Ronto Roasters, Milk Stand and Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.

Know Before You Go

The costume policy for within Galaxy’s Edge is the same as Disneyland: No costumes for those over the age of 14. Disney bounding for 14 and up is allowed, but remember no masks!

Download and use the Disneyland Mobile App when you visit, especially to order food as waits are expected to be lengthy.

From opening on May 31 to June 23, a reservation is required to visit the land. You will need a valid ticket into Disneyland AND a reservation to enter the land. Each reservation is for 4 hours. Once you reach your limit, the rumor is (not confirmed per the media links) that Stormtroopers will remove those who have outstayed their welcome out of this part of the park.

After June 23, no reservation will be required but Disneyland may hold a virtual queue if the land fills up.

Disney is encouarging those who want to get the full experience of the park to download the Play Disney Parks app for interactive portions of the land. We have enjoyed the Play app throughtout the resort before so it will be fun to see what is in store in Galaxy’s Edge.

Have a question?

In regards to rides we know that there are two – The Millennium Falcon ride and Rise of the Resistance, which will be completed sometime next year.

All images are courtesy of Disneyland. After visiting Batuu, new photos and a post will be uploaded! More Galaxy’s Edge information is coming! Read more if you are looking for Disneyland snack tips or considering an annual pass as a military family!

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