Gifting to your #milmomsquad – Deployed Spouse Edition

When I first joined the ranks of military spouse, deployments were extremely common. Spouses were gone on a rotating basis of 6-12 months, and the spouses “left behind” took care of each other. Thankfully, we are in a low ebb of deployments for the most part, but that doesn’t mean that you or someone in your #milmomsquad won’t be affected by a deployment. The first few weeks can be rough, starting a new normal for the family at home. Leaving a small gift is always appreciated. Here are 6 things we recommend you include.

Six things to include in a gift basket to your #milmomsquad with a deployed spouse

  • Cold medicine for adults – This is not something we typically think about or consider until we are sick. But when you are home alone with kids, your energy reserves are often limited. If you gift some cold medicine (ex: Dayquil, Nyquil, Tylenol, etc.), they will have some on hand for the day when a cold strikes and they aren’t ready for it. Believe me, we have been there and done that and having medicine in the house helps keep the energy high enough to get everyone through.I opted for Emergen-C as the extra doses of vitamin C are helpful during times of stress.
  • Tylenol for kiddos – Along the same lines as above – while most mil moms do think about their children before themselves, having extra childrens or infants Tylenol on hand is not a bad thing. When you wake up to your child vomiting or crying in the middle of the night and discover a fever, the first thing you want to do is treat it. If there is only one adult in the home, you can’t just run to the store to get medicine if you are out – you need to have some in the home. Reality is, the adult home with the sick kiddo(s) will not want to take the sick kiddos out to get medicine. Having medicine on hand will again, be a lifesaver.
  • Canned soup – or anything that can be prepared quickly. In both times of illness and stress, sometimes we need a quick meal ready to go. Whether it is because your fellow milmom just moved in or has already run out of a quick prep food, you will save the day by dropping off something they can make with little effort so they can continue to care for their sick child, or sick themselves, or just have a moment to themselves.
  • Sparkling cider or wine – sometimes a milmom just needs a mom moment to themselves, and a drink that only adults can drink. Having a moment to themselves is rejuvenating and helps them continue on with the adventure of being a solo parent.
  • Nice chocolate, or baked good, or something just for your milmom friend –Give something nice that she hasn’t necessarily tried before – maybe a nice chocolate bar from Trader Joes, or a favorite dried fruit that she doesn’t always get because then the kiddos eat it all up too. Or coffee – lots and lots of coffee!
  • Something for the kiddos – Something fun, different and random for the kiddos will help distract them (so maybe milmom can sneak that treat) and give them something fun to do. This can be anything – a play pack from the dollar aisle at Target, a new coloring book from the dollar tree, even a new set of playdough. It doesn’t have to be expensive; being remembered and having a new fun thing to play with will be enjoyed by them, and by your milmom friend. Maybe you two will even have a moment catch up together – over the sparkling item you brought


There isn’t any magic with giving a gift like this – just showing that you are thinking of them is enough, but I promise, if you give the items above, you will be beyond appreciated. And maybe you will be gifted them too, and when you have feverish kiddo in the middle of the night, you will be oh so grateful.

What do you give to your friends when they have a deployed spouse? What do you like receive when you have a deployed spouse? Tell us in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Gifting to your #milmomsquad – Deployed Spouse Edition

  1. So my husbands unit does what is called “secret sister” and basically a spouse secretly adopts another spouse and sends them care packages every so often during a deployment. At the end of the deployment you get to meet up with your secret sister. I loved receiving packages while the hubby was away.

    The items you listed were great (especially the canned soup). I remember there were moments where I felt like I was on my death bed and i so appreciated the soup people picked up for me. I would even include an encouraging note for the spouse left behind.

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