Girl, Take a Bath

Okay, so this doesn’t just apply to the female gender, but we want to encourage you to take a bath. Why? It isn’t a quick in and out of the shower, it is down time that you are sitting for more than two minutes. We challenge you to schedule a luxurious bath once a month.

Why A bath?

It requires little preparation (if you have a bath in your home) with planning a time when you can make it happen. Maybe splurge on a new soap or fizzy bomb. The benefits are a few moments of sitting, quiet and the ability to sit and be mindful. Per the American Psychology Association, mindfulness has many benefits. Mindfulness reduces stress, increases memory function, improves focus, decreases emotional reactions, increases cognition and improves relationship satisfaction. Do you know someone who is stress? Who maybe increasing in forgetfullness or is short tempered? Is that person you?

Spoil Yourself

Buy something for that bath specifically. I find that if I do this, I will actually take the bath because I don’t want that money to go to waste.

Bath Bombs: At the holiday time, Costco had a deal for 6 bath bombs for less than $10 bucks. I scheduled my bath on the calendar and pulled out the bath bomb for it in advance. It was a visual reminder that it was coming. It sounds silly to say I scheduled a bath but if I didn’t, other things would press in on my schedule and I wouldn’t do it. I schedule working out, so why not scheduling a bath.

Soaps: To be honest, most of my soap or body wash is from our hotel travels. Gone are the days when Bath and Body Works body washes were my go to. So choosing a fun soap is exciting. Soap+Tonic caught my attention because of the clever name, but she is also a small business that has made keeping #selfcarefirst a mission. The Matcha + Pear Soap provides a relaxing smell, charming design and leaves the skin smelling pleasant without a residue. It is the perfect soap for relaxation. The vibrant Sweet Orange Organic Essential Oil Soap wakes up the senses with its bright smell and the small square size makes it perfect for creating lather.

Milk Bath: While I haven’t tried one yet, I am eyeing it as an option to add luxury to bathtime once I finish my bath bombs. Amazon, The Body Shop and Tar-jay have many options, as well as on Etsy. Do you have a favorite?

Bubble Bath: Tried and true bubble bath is playful and relaxing. Truth be told, I used my kiddos bubble bath once when we were living in the hotel after a move. I just needed a moment, and it was oh so relaxing to just breath the relaxing scent in and deep breath.

Bath Scrub: Pinterest abounds with DIY versions of bath scrubs of many scents from coconut to orange. There is something so therapeutic in scrubbing off those layers of skin of the past – letting go of past frustrations and starting anew.

Do you have a favorite item that makes bath time luxurious? Are you a bath or shower person normally? We hope you schedule a bath this month to allow yourself some downtime!

Disclaimer: Soap + Tonic sent the soaps with the request of honest opinions and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Rubber Duck Photo by Pixabay on

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