Give Time and Treats to Troops This Holiday Season

Candy spilled on table

Candy spilled on table

There have been so many news articles about the supply chain for the holidays creating delays or lack of holiday items like presents. This doesn’t need to worry anyone – we can choose to spend our time and resources in other ways. Maybe even giving back to others while spending time with your family members. As a military family, the military community is always on our minds. We want to take care of our military family, in any way we can. If you are looking for a way to serve the all volunteer military forces and veterans look no further than these resources.


Treats for Troops, the organization run by Soldier’s Angels, collects candy from local businesses that participate in a buyback candy program. Look at your dentist or doctor’s office to see if they are participating – drop off candy by their drop off date and they will send it onto Treats for Troops! Treats for Troops looks for candy through the rest of the year to send off candy to troops overseas and serving locally.

They even take candy bags! Gather the family to make bags. I even made it a homeschool activity – the kindergartner sorted the candy and counted them into bags. We worked on multiplication but grouping the candy.  Once the candy bags are completed, send them to:

Soldiers’ Angels Candy

2895 NE Loop 410, Suite 107

San Antonio, TX 72818

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Know someone deployed who you want to send coffee to? Dunkin Donuts has a program that you can submit a deployed unit to them and they will send coffee to them. Well, it isn’t a guarantee, but the company does choose names so perhaps they would choose the name you submit!

Send coffee while supporting small business with Alpha Coffee, Blackout Coffee or Black Rifle Coffee. Check out the links for donation inquiries as well. Consider donating in the name of a family member and let them know that you donated in their honor and to which company. Perhaps they would check out the small business as well! Take it from someone who has deployed – good coffee was my spouses favorite thing to receive when deployed. Heck, it’s his favorite thing now!

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Toys for Tots is one of our favorite organizations. The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation was started in the early 1990s at the request of the Marine Corps. When in person events were normal, there wasn’t a holiday season we didn’t see a Marine in dress blues outside or inside a department store or mall standing next to the red and white cardboard box waiting to accept donations of toys for those in need. You can donate money, time or items to the program.

Is there a USO or VFW in your community? Touch base with them to see if they are looking for supplies or volunteers for programs in your local community. You can gather family members to make cards, gift wrap or even shop for someone in need. If you are more hands on, many organizations are looking for volunteers to help, especially during the holiday season.

The holidays don’t have to be commercial. It doesn’t have to be filled with shopping or wrapping presents. You can be present with your family doing something together for others, or donate in a family members name. This week is the time to at least start thinking about what you are going to do with all that Halloween candy you purchased or might actually get trick or treating. Then consider giving together as a family this year, all while spending some quality time together.

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