Giveaway Time!! The Goal Guide for Parents by Cultivate What Matters

We hope you enjoyed our GoodByn giveaway earlier this month, celebrating Month of the Military Child! We’ve decided to do a second giveaway to round out this month, celebrating our resilient military children and the parents who are guiding them on this often difficult journey.

We are huge fans of Lara Casey and the Cultivate What Matters team, who puts out amazing products to help others achieve their goals. Fun fact: Lara is a military spouse. She married her husband while he was on active duty – now they are living the civilian life and she and her team at Cultivate What Matters creates beautiful, encouraging goal guides and other products to help people achieve their dreams. One of Lara and Cultivate What Matters’ products we just adore is the Goal Guide for Parents. It is designed to be used with your PowerSheets, but we’ve used it independently as well.

We often find that, with our spouses gone frequently, there’s little time to talk about even the necessary stuff (bills, kids’ schedules), let alone the “big picture” stuff (how do we want to help our kids grow, what traditions do we want to start as a family, what’s our bucket list for this duty station). The Goal Guide for Parents walks you and your spouse (or just you – this is also fantastic or single parents to create a clear vision for their family!) through all of that. It lets you brainstorm how you can focus on family fun and growing together. We have had fun brainstorming ways we can grow together, even during deployments (like writing letters and getting the kids involved in sending off care packages). We love setting goals because it gives everyone in the family something to work on together, even if we’re separated.

Cultivate What Matters just had their spring product launch, with some other great guides for couples, finances, and wellness. Go check them out, and head over to our Instagram for a chance to win your own Goal Guide for Parents!

How to Enter the MilMomAdventures Giveaway to win the Goal Guide for Parents:

1. Comment on our Instagram giveaway post with your best parenting tip/trick/advice for 1 entry (max 1 entry).

2. Tag a friend on our Instagram giveaway post for 1 entry (unlimited entries, each comment will count as 1 entry so tag your friends separately).

3. You must be an Instagram follower to win!

That’s it! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! Winner will be announced on Friday 4/27! Good Luck!

(Please Note: We are not affiliated with Cultivate What Matters in any way, we just love their products and want to share them with YOU! We bought an extra copy of the Goal Guide for Parents and will mail it to the winner when the giveaway ends on Friday!)

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