How to order food with the Disneyland App

Very quietly over the last few weeks, Disneyland rolled out the mobile food order feature on the Disneyland App. If you know what you would like to eat and can guesstimate which section of the park you will be in at a certain time, this is a great asset and tool to help you save some time while eating in the park. Wait times for food at peak times (11 – 1 and 4:30-6:30) can go upwards of 30 minutes or more which can be tough when you have a hungry child (or spouse) that just needs to eat.


If you don’t already have it, download the Disneyland Application from the App Store.


From the Disneyland app, select the “Order Food” button under My Plans.


When you click this button, it will ask you to verify your sign in by Touch ID or your password.  This prevents littles who may have your phone or your butt ordering food without your knowledge.


Once you have verified your account, you will be able to see the list of Quick Service Restaurants that have mobile ordering services and you can select the arrival window that is convenient for you. Disneyland restaurants are listed up top and Disney California Adventure listed below them. I am using my order from Bengal Barbeque (one of my favorite stops with healthy options) as an example.


Once you select your restaurant and arrival time, you can build your order.  There is not currently a selection for cups of water, but they typically have some prepped at the window that you can ask for. If you have an annual pass, the discount will be applied at the check out.


You are currently only able to use credit cards for mobile ordering, so you will not be able to enter a Disney gift card for ordering.


Once paid, you will be send to this window.


You don’t have to stay on this window of the app. If you close this section, your order will show under your plans. When you arrive, just click on this box and it will bring you to the window to say you have arrived. This will pop up.

ps- notice how low my battery life is…this is why I always bring an external battery charger….

Now, all you have to do is wait a short few minutes at the mobile ordering side of the restaurant (there will be a sign) for them to call your name for the order.


And now – enjoy! A note on the app – there are a few wi-fi hot spots in the park, but the best way to utilize the app is with service from your service provider. While I have utilized the Disney World app in World totally on Disney wi-fi, I have not been able to do that at Disneyland as there is not enough wi-fi spots to support the number of visitors currently.


I hope this helps you streamline your visit to Disneyland and enjoy some of the Disney treats! My recommendation – the Jungle Julep at Bengal Barbeque. It is a delicious fruit slushie that is refreshing on a hot day and can be shared between two thirsty kiddos and their momma.


Will you use the Disney mobile ordering when you are in the parks?

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