In N Out Not So Secret and Secret Menu

In-N-Out is synonymous with Southern California. Since beginning the venture into the world of serving delicious burgers, fries and shakes in 1948, it has continued to provide excellent far and customer service. The burgers are delish and the service is supreme- usually with someone standing outside taking orders. Their service goes beyond the order line. You can customize pretty much anything you order. And there are options beyond the menu. A Southern California native and fellow military spouse shared her insider knowledge from her family’s working at the local burger joint.

Not So Secret Menu

Fabulous customer service means that they offer what the customers want. While not on the menu, these items are offered on their “Not So Secret Menu” per their website.

  • Double meat – this will get two patties on your burger
  • Want more meat? How about a 3×3 or 4×4 – get 3 or 4 patties on your burger!
  • Grilled cheese – if you are looking for a meatless or kid-friendly option, ask for a grilled cheese!
  • Animal style offers a mustard cooked burger with extra spread (read a little messy but so worth it!)
  • Protein style: Ask for your burger protein style and they will drop the bun and bring it in a lettuce wrap.

Secret Menu

  • Animal style fries! Beyond the animal style burger, get spread and onions on those fries with animal style fries
  • Flying Dutchman – add a burger to animal style fries! You can do with single, double or triple patty. This is a keto friendly diet option!
  • You read about protein style lettuce wrap, but you can also ask for a tomato wrap!
  • Chopped chilies can be added to burger and fries
  • If you prefer, ask for hot chiles on the side!
  • They have mustard – just ask!
  • Fries– can be well done and medium! So if you want them less crunchy – just ask!
  • They will add sliced lemon in your lemonade
  • Neoshake – get all three flavors of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry mixed into one shake (this is a family favorite)
  • Onions can be raw whole, raw chopped or grilled
  • Bun can be toasted or untoasted
  • Scooby snack – they love the pups in your life, ask for a snack for dogs
  • Veggie burger – beyond meat, there is a veggie burger option
  • Salt and pepper can be added to your fries 
  • Fancy a soda float? They will add shake to your soda flavor if you like!

In-N-Out is all about customer service, so if there is something that isn’t listed, and they have the supplies for it, chances are they will make it for you.

Is there something that isn’t listed, but you have ordered there? Let us know so we can list it! Someone else may want to try it!


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