Island Adventure, with Date Night In Box

The creativity in August’s Date Night In Box was a delight. With several games to play and a teamwork exercise along with connection of discussion, it was a memorable date. To be completely honest, this last month has been logistically challenging. With a new job with a longer commute changing ability to pick up/drop off, most of our conversations these past few weeks were purely logistical. (Anyone else?) What parent doesn’t have a period where the conversations feel all business-like? These conversations are necessary from time to time. It is also imperative for a loving relationship to go beyond just logistics, and connect back on that romantic and fun level. Again, our Date Night In Box provided just that.

Island Adventure

Each month a new theme is revealed – this month was Island Adventure. Opening the box brought the scents of the beach with the aroma beads, and the sights of an island with a tropical fruit-medley snack. In addition, Island games of word challenge, Love at Sea (a reusable Battleship-esque card game) and by far our favorite – the water gun versus table tennis ball game. These activities were fun, relaxing and provided an opportunity for lighthearted competition and fun!

Beyond that, in the pamphlet thoughtful questions and table talk were discussed. The provided questions allow for guided discussion that frankly after 3 hours commuting we were grateful for. The final activity of the night was Message In the Bottle. Writing ourselves the note, this keepsake will be utilized for reflection and remembrance.

Just Have Fun!

This month’s box was chalk full of three games. The water gun versus table tennis ball game has already be re-utilized with the children this morning. So our date went beyond just us, it provided an opportunity for family fun! Admittedly, this idea seems so simple – a box, golf tees and table tennis balls. But I hadn’t thought about it. The convenience that the idea of the game and the supplies were included meant we could dive right in.


The word challenge cards included can be stored and reused in the car for a road trip! The laminated cards for Love At Sea are also in our travel backpack for when we have our next hotel stay. We can play a game with ease without taking up precious suitcase/backpack space. Being reusable means the date goes beyond that one night. It can be reused and reimplemented in various ways. I have played Mexican Train with our children and discussed numbers along with it.


Some weeks I lack the brainpower to be creative beyond streaming a movie and popcorn as a date. While those dates are often needed to just relax, they lack the time to connect through play and discussion. The Date Night In boxes have provided opportunities to grow and learn together in the comfort of our home in ways we likely wouldn’t have planned or expected.


Being a parent is not always cookies and rainbows. It is hard decisions that sometimes lead to “I don’t like you” from your kids. These moments can be draining. Commuting hours in the car and demanding jobs are exhausting and draining. The work, parenting, after-school activities, other life duties all pull us in a million different directions and the partner we chose to be on this life with is feeling the same. Going out of the house on a date just isn’t going to happen with everything we have going on currently, and monthly date night in boxes provide us with a way to remain in touch with each other on a level beyond sharing a Google calendar.

That said – there is an awesome discount right now. Thinking about trying out 3 dates for the holiday season when the calendar gets even busier? Click on this link, and enter in the code 1FREEWITH3 to get three dates for the price of two!

Invest in yourself and in your relationship, it will be worth it. Want to see other dates, check out our Instagram highlight of DNI and search the blog for “Date Night In”

We were given this box for free, but are not ambassadors for this company and do not earn commission on any purchases.

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