Kids Haircuts: Pigtails and Crewcuts

Can we talk about getting our hair cut? Every time after we move due to military orders we all have a long list of new places we need: new dentist, new pizza delivery, new sushi place, new gym, and so many other new things! Everything is new. When it comes to hair if you can’t just “try” new places they way you can a sushi restaurant, because you wear your choices when you walk out the door. Add the dimension of toddlers having no attention span for haircuts. You need a solid recommendation to avoid disaster. Consider this your solid recommendation.

This is not a sponsored post, just a parent sharing the gem we found for our little people haircuts: Pigtails and Crewcuts. Not only do they have the best environment and services for little kids –they offer “Mom” and “Dad” haircuts while your little ones play nearby. They have regular salon chairs as well as the cute chairs shaped like police cars, fire trucks, and airplanes. They screens with kid-friendly films playing at every hair cutting station and lots of fun distractions like bubbles, and animal crackers. The stylists are all experts at distracting babies and toddlers through an entire haircut. Further reasons to enjoy them: they offer a 15% military discount on all services.

We love the San Marcos location of Pigtails and Crewcuts but they also have locations in San Diego and Del Mar. We like to combine haircuts at the San Marcos location with a visit to the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum which is a 10 minute drive away.

If you are looking to get your child their first haircut they have a “First Haircut” package that includes a photo in a paper frame with a lock of their hair tied in a small bag.

They also host parties. If your little people enjoy age appropriate pampering and getting styled this might be your next party destination.

Tell us in the comments if you’ve been, plan to go, or where you get your little ones haircut in San Diego or Orange County.

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