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Tis the season. For busy schedules, big meals and gift giving. We are big about giving experiences – learning about community, navigating emotions and feelings and adventuring. Being intentional with down time with the littles can be difficult during this busy season – so many awesome events for school, activities and fun – but we also need to recharge. In that line, we tried out a Kids Night Out box in November – and the theme was Give Thanks.  As much as we want to get out an adventure everyday, some days we simply cannot because of other schedules, illness, weather and it was wonderful to have a box of pre-planned activities, a book and snack ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Clapping because someone was excited!!

A New Book 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a well-known and loved book in our house. In fact our board book has been taped together multiple times. The Thanks version of this book was super cute, and easy reading. It has been read along with Christmas books every night this week.

Gratitude Activities

The information packet included explained each included activity. The Gratitude Hands were awesome! I actually took the packet and hungup in the bathroom as a reminder and we do it as part of the daily bedtimeroutine. This reflection on gratitude is a great attitude shaper.

The first activity, we made a greenhouse. We added the dirt and planted a cute seeded butterfly to the bag. Daily, we have been checking onthe greenhouse which has been a fun continued learning activity in itself.

Instructions for making crayon and watercolor leaves were included along with watercolors, crayons and a sharpie. I drew leaves and the kids got to work creating designs in crayon, and then painted over them with watercolor. This sparked the idea in the oldest that she can draw anything with designs and paint over it – there may be some ornaments, heart and stars coming in our future (they are currently drying on the fridge). 

Snack time!

Like the Date Night In boxes, there was a snack included. The snack was chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzels. So much fun to make and decorate!  The added bonus was after making the snack, you were encouraged to package it into a cute little butterfly and give as part of the giving thanks. The girls loved making it, especially when they chose who to give it to.

We really enjoyed the hands-on activities in this box. Introducing gratitude lessons in different ways helps the kids learn, and it has led to daily reminders of how to be grateful and say thank you – lessons we all needthis season, and well every day.

We are looking forward to our December box “Winter Wonderland”. Time together with family over school break will be wonderful, and some sit down, calm down time will be fantastic too.

If you are interested in getting your little a Kids Night InBox, click here. The December box ships December 16-21, and if you order before the 13th, you will be able to receive the box for Christmas!

*We were given this box for free, but are not ambassadors for this company and do not earn commission on any purchases.*

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