Kids Night In Box: Winter Wonderland

The last few months of 2018 went by in a blur. From October on, the days just whooshed by! Now it is 2019. Wow. 2019. In the dismantling of the holiday displays and decluttering of built up mail and laundry piles, we all needed a quiet moment. Enter the Kids Night In: Winter Wonderland box. This curated box of a book, crafts and a fun snack provided some much-needed sit down time together to read. Bonus it allowed for the children to be engaged in creativeity while this momma decluttered.

I don’t have great pictures of the box/unboxing this time. While the box was in a plastic sleeve, it didn’t protect it from the unusual rain storm in Southern California. The book was outside the box and was very wet, but after drying is still readable! The other contents were mostly individually bagged and protected from the water, and anything that wasn’t, we dried before use.

KNI Winter Wonderland
Box Contents


2 Snowflake Handprint Craft kits

Glitter (oh the squeals that were released when this was spotted!)

Strawberry Lemonade Powder Packet



Bleeding tissue paper


Foam square

Glue stick

Cards with dance moves on them

KNI Winter Wonderland - Snowflake Bentley

The book included this month is a pure gem. The Caldecott Medal winner shares the story of William Bentley, the man who first took pictures of individual snowflakes in the early 1900s. Yes, the early 1900s. He developed micro photography to study snow! This book gives a detailed account of his life with beautiful pictures. It worked well with the theme of the box, but also encouraging science and experimentation. As a parent, I really enjoyed that part of the book.

KNI Winter Wonderland craft

Two snowflake crafts were inside the box as well. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I was given two handprint snowflake craft packets which worked out because I have two kids. Otherwise I was going to split the crafts. Their sense of wonder when they open a box and see what is inside is exciting. The cards with dance moves on them are perfect for putting energy into a specific activity – put on the music of your choice or the Kids Night In associated song list from Spotify and let the kids put on a dance show!  This is our second box in a row and after completing this box, I am looking forward to seeing what next months includes. 

So if you are looking for a quiet moment with your children (if they will sit to listen to a story) or want a mommy moment to take the batteries out of yet another toy that makes noise or declutter a room, perhaps give a Kids Night In box a try this month? If you are interested in getting your little a Kids Night InBox, click here.

*We were given this box for free, but are not ambassadors for this company and do not earn commission on any purchases.

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