LEGOLAND California: What To Do When You Are Under 2

Lego was a major feature of my childhood. It was probably a feature of your childhood. It may have been a feature of your parents childhood and is likely a current feature of your own children’s childhood. LEGO is timeless. It encourages creativity and ingenuity. It can be very simple or very complex. Ever since its inception in 1932 families have gathered around to create and build with the small versatile blocks.

So what can you expect from a theme park made by LEGO?

After three recent visits this summer my answer is: a lot.

Until recently I had never been to Legoland, despite living nearby and having a long-term love for LEGO blocks. I was hesitant to bring my toddler. I thought there would not be a lot to do for someone so small. When we arrived I knew many of the rides had height limits and were therefore not an option to us. We came to walk around and get lunch. We were pleased to discover several places and attractions which were ideal for a LEGOLAND visitor under two. I am writing a description below for my fellow toddler parents!

DUPLO Playtown

Named after the larger blocks LEGO makes for the smallest builders. Duplo Village is a short walk from the park entrance and has a variety of play structures that are ideal for the toddler crowd. There are covered gazebos with large blocks inside, play houses with stairs and slides, and all sorts of small vehicles with buttons and steering wheels that toddlers enjoy climbing in and out of. There is one ride in the Duplo Village, a small train that rides a loop around LEGO farmland: the LEGOLAND Express. You can sit with your small child in a shared rail car and enjoy a short, slow-paced ride.

Heartlake Fountain

Close to the DUPLO Village is a small splash pad called Heartlake Fountain. Directly in front of the crepe cart and adjacent to the bathrooms. Every restroom facility in LEGOLAND has family restrooms and change tables in the main bathroom.

Lego Construction Areas

There are several spaces in the park where there are buckets of LEGO. These spaces always have shade cover or are indoors. This is our favorite aspect of LEGOLAND. There is LEGO everywhere. I saw children, parents, and grandparents all searching for the right piece to put together a unique creation. It is everything LEGO play has always encouraged.


These are a few of the fun areas we enjoy in the under two crowd. The park maps include a “what to do when you are under two” icon in their map key which will help guide you to find your families favorite attractions.

After our recent visits I was totally reassured my under two Lego lover will have lots to do at the park. I was so reassured I happily upgraded my day ticket to an annual pass! We plan to go a lot so expect to see more LEGOLAND California content coming to the blog! Write to us to tell us what you want to know and hear about this very fun local family attraction!

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Image screenshot from the LEGOLAND App

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