Love At Ease

September has been a very busy month for us. I have taken on two part-time jobs which has shifted our schedule in addition to the volunteer work I already do. While already juggling so many moving parts, we are trying to keep our relationship a priority. In that vein, we aim to start off each month by doing a date night in box. So today, the last day of September, we are doing our box so we walk into October but they renewed sense in our relationship that will hopefully fuel and provide energy for the chaos that October’s schedule will bring.

The beauty of these boxes, is that it is all inclusive. There’s no need to rearrange schedules or hire a sitter, we pick a night that we can do it, or do it over various nights if we are only able to do one activity, and enjoy the aftereffect. The conversations sparked by boxes are probably our favorite moments. Like most parents, most of our conversations are logistical. “ Take kid a to point C at this time and I will take kid B to point B and meet you at Costco at 7.” If this is your life too, consider a Date Night In box.

This months theme was Love at Ease – encouraging us to take a break together. And it came at the perfect time.

The table talk pamphlet in the book talking about the busy scheduled and chaos we live in. Reminds us that we are not designed to go without rest so a reset or a break in pattern is good. While we lived in Japan, we would frequently see businessmen and women on the train taking a nap while coming to and from work, they seems to have it down to a science because they would wake up just in time for their stop. They would use that moment of a break to take a rest.

This months date night in box gave us tools to utilize both during the date and during the month. All were focused on rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Who doesn’t need that?

  • A quick game of chance with a “easy rollin'” dice game – it used the box the date was sent in and two dice, so it will be easy to repeat on a busy day so we have ten minutes just for us. It was fun and was a great way to break the ice of the day.
  • Sip and Savor – two tea and two coffee samples were included along with a Coffee Brew Buddy to allow for tea and coffee tasting along with some delicious and crisp biscotti! The tea was so good, that hubby had four cups. It was relaxing and a great reminder that even simple things like a warm sip of coffee can be utilized as a moment to pause and reflect instead of just drinking it on the go. Bonus: we can reuse the Coffee Brew Buddy!
  • Meditation – Guided meditation was provided on the website allowing us to enjoy the music and to purposefully relax. (It is so hard!)
  • Crossword puzzle – A little teamwork, a little brain activity, and an enjoyable break from it all. Hmmm…maybe we will get a book of these to do on a monthly basis.
  • Couples Yoga – Yoga cards with positions were provided. Yoga is known to be beneficial. The Mayo Clinic says it reduces stress, improves fitness and can help manage chronic health conditions like high blood pressure. If it can help manage high blood pressure, imagine what it can do for stress overall! This was very enjoyable. I have done yoga for years, but hubby, not so much. It was very much a team effort in stretches and exercises. It was so enjoyable that we have decided to do this monthly. Check out our poses on Instagram.
  • Aromatherapy massage oil – A bonus of massage oil from Plantlife was included in the box! Add an additional layer of relaxation when massaging tension points. The oil vial was large enough that we could use it multiple times, not just tonight.

Recipe Card

Like every Date Night In Box, a recipe card is included. This card had the added bonus of being a breakfast recipe card! A recipe for sage and garlic breakfast sausage, buttermilk pancakes topped with cinnamon apples and a cinnamon & maple creamer for coffee or tea. Talk about relaxing, and comforting scents while making the meal. And for the delight of the breakfast for dinner! Yum!

Capping off the night with this glorious herbal bedtime tea!

Get your Date On

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If you are interested in trying out a Kids Night In Box or Date Night In Box, click here. We were given this box for free in lieu of our honest review, but are not ambassadors for this company and do not earn commission on any purchases.


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