Making Adventure a New Years Goal

With the New Year approaching, many people take the time to make resolutions. While I could not find specific data on how many people make resolutions, I did find that according to research by the University of Scranton, only 8% of Americans stick to their resolutions. Why is that? I believe there is true motivation behind the resolutions, but, if a resolution to “exercise more” is what you say – you are not being specific with your goals, and thus it will not be attainable.  Our resolution this year is to adventure more. And you can too.

Be specific.

I sat down with my trusty wall calendar and Michael’s planner and chose one adventure per month that I knew I wanted to do with the kids, or by myself. Then I wrote it in pen next to the month. There are 28-31 days that adventure can happen, and there is really no excuse. While I know that we will likely do more than one, having one thing picked out means adventure will happen at least monthly.


We wrote about our adventure bag in the past – and it is always in the car, ready to go. This means going on an adventure can be spontaneous. This makes going on an adventure much easier, especially with children in tow.

Make a list.

With each PCS, we make “bucket lists”. Writing down what we want to see, helps narrow down and formulate a plan for adventure. Neuroscience explains that by writing your goals down you are more likely to accomplish them because you are putting your goals in external storage – storing your goals on an external source to your brain, and encoding it – making the goal easier to recall.

If you live or want to visit Southern California, Northern Virginia, New Orleans, 29 Palms or Monterey area – click on each area and check out the bucket lists we have made. Add your own or check off what you have already explored!

It doesn’t have to be expensive.

While we have written about places like Disneyland which can be on the more expensive side of adventuring, it doesn’t have to be. In Southern California, exploring Baby Beach or Cabrillo National Park are free. Perhaps in Louisiana it is the price of a deliciously powdered beignet.  Adventures do not have to be expensive. Getting out and exploring where you live is part of that adventure. Get to know the owner of your local coffee shop, talk to others that are eating at bakery, go for a walk – this is part of the adventure and can be low to no cost!

We hope you will get out and explore where you live! Did you make an “Adventure List?” What did you include?

adventure bus
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Happy New Year to you all. We wish you happy adventures in 2019!

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