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This morning on a group page for military spouses, a fellow spouse, Samantha Smith shared her experience in Yuma, AZ. Yuma is a small Marine Corps Air Station that is sometimes feared as a duty station for military families since it is small and not on an ocean. The reason we started MilMomAdventures is to share the positive side of the PCS, the things to look forward to. With Samantha’s permission we have copied and pasted her list of fun that can be had at Yuma. It may be small in size as compared to other installations, but there is a lot to explore and enjoy there and within a short drive.

From Samantha Smith:

Good morning! With all of the recent posts on PCSing, I have been inspired to share some happy thoughts about why I have enjoyed our time in Yuma. While I am so sad to leave, we are elated for our next adventure. I hope some of my loves for Yuma will help the next person to make the most of their adventure in Yuma. Here is a quick list of the first things that come to mind! Feel free to add on if I missed some good ones. Or maybe this will inspire others to create their own list about other duty stations?

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”-Eleanor Roosevelt

• The weather in the winter is perfect.
• Yes, summers are hot. But there are pools everywhere, San Diego is just a drive away and the AC is your best friend. It is also a welcome break from years of shoveling snow.
• There is no better sunset than an Arizona sunset. And it never ever gets old! Pictures just do not do it justice. Seriously.
• Yuma is a city but with a small-town feel.
• Officially the “Sunniest” place in the United States. It may not rain often, but when it does it is so refreshing and novel.
• Everything is “15 minutes away.”
• So many variations on dates (the food).
• In the Winter there is a festival, event or some type of celebration every weekend (Hot Air Balloon Fest, Tamale fest, The Rodeo, Tunes & Tacos, etc etc)
• Many Christmas Festive Events (Lights Parade, Storybook Lane, All Wrapped Up, etc)
• TACOS!!! Need I say more?!
• Our family is a big fan of the Yuma Main Library.
• Yuma has a plethora of parks. The Castle Park is awesome! Google it to find out how much pride this city has for this park.
• Need a break from Yuma? Are you in the mood for ocean, mountains, city, camping, etc? Places like San Diego, LA, Sedona, and Vegas are just a few hours away. Honestly, Yuma is the perfect central location to so many other destinations.
• You get the luxury of California without paying the price tag.
• Telegraph Pass!
• A very present and recognized art community (Yuma Art Center, Littlewood Co-op, Artsy Fartsy Studio, lots of art festivals, etc).
• The drive to San Diego is a personal favorite.
• Winter vegetable capital of the world!
• A very wide variety of school options.
• Wonderful small business support.
Personal Small Business Faves for Food & Drink: Las Palapas (fish tacos), 251 Main Street (great options for various diets), Prison Hill Brewery (I like craft beer), Daybreakers (breakfast), Donut Corral (breakfast burritos), Tako & Beer (upscale tacos), Mariscos Mar Azul (seafood), Coffee (North End Coffee Shop)
Personal Small Business Faves for Retail: Rebel & Rove (clothes & unique gifts), Desert Olive (olive oils & unique gifts), Barenaked Soap (soaps & lotions), The Flower Mine (flowers)
Personal Small Business Faves for Beauty: Unfortunately, I am the last person to ask about where to get your hair or nails done. However, my brows are a different story. Nohemi’s Threading Stuido is the best!

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