MilMom’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Happy May!

This month marks the start of summer. This is also a month full of “appreciation” events – Military Spouse Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurses Week, and of course the big one: Mother’s Day. Many of our readers fall into at least one of those groups being appreciated –and perhaps two or three. People are going to ask what you want. Big people and little people. Handmade cards and breakfast are all we really need, but here are a few ideas you may want to drop hints about.

What parent of young children has ever drank an entire cup of coffee at home without having to reheat it? Has it ever happened? If it has it probably wasn’t by a Mom. Save yourself or your favorite Mom 46 trips to the microwave and buy her the mug that keeps her coffee warm all day. I have seen these for sale at some of the well-stocked Starbucks near the coast.

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Motherhood makes us into expert multi-taskers. Get two things done at one, with less tools! Nothing beats fresh blow dried hair. There are a lot of varieties available on Amazon.

  • Style Subscription Box

Have you ever tried buying clothing with a toddler in tow? If you have you understand why this is a good idea. Ask for a gift card to a service like Evereve’s Trendsend or Stitch Fix. Let a stylist pick clothing for you to try on at home. Remove the stress of finding time to shop with kids and get a wardrobe update.

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A robot that cleans your house for you? If you don’t have one or have been eyeing one for a while then cash in your Mother’s Day points for one. Bonus: they are usually in stock at the exchange.


  • Coupons for uninterrupted weekend time

When was the last time you went to a yoga class? Or got a haircut? Or had coffee with a friend where you exchanged more than two sentences between feeding and chasing your wild and wonderful progeny? Ask you co-parent for a coupon you can cash in on the weekend(s) of your choosing. The best part about this gift is it is inexpensive and can be drawn up beautifully with some crayon and construction paper which you will cherish.

  • Take a Family Adventure

Pack up the family and explore somewhere in the area you know and love, or try somewhere new. It is the perfect occasion to cross something off your local “bucket list”. We have lots of ideas to pick from in the blog to get you started!


Happy Mothers Day to our readers. We see you and all that you do. We hope you enjoy your weekend.

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