Small Business Spotlight: Divas and Dudes Design

As part of our series highlighting military spouse entrepernuers this month we interviewed two military spouses, Jessa and Brittany, about running their own business. You can find Divas and Dudes Design on Etsy. They also have a facebook page.


When did you start business? January 2017

What made you start your own business? We both had careers that we left when our husbands received overseas orders.  While in Japan we were both were blessed to become mothers and were looking for an option that allowed us to stay home, have a purpose, and financially contribute to our families.

What products do you make? How did you decide on that? We make custom children clothing because we wanted to share the products we made for or own kids.  Now we are starting to branch into adult clothing,

What is the favorite piece that you have worked on? Our military homecoming shirts.

Your favorite motivational quote?

Jessa: “Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.” (Albert Einstein)

Brittany: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” (Vincent van Gogh)

Favorite thing to do?

Jessa: DIY projects, I love to redo furniture

Brittany: Cooking with my son

Favorite place to live?

Jessa: New Jersey

Brittany: Texas

Where are you originally from?

Jessa: New Jersey

Brittany: Texas

Favorite place you have PCS’d to?

Jessa: Okinawa, Japan

Brittany: Okinawa, Japan

Favorite thing to do at your current duty station?

Jessa: Hiking in Joshua Tree

Brittany: Trips to San Diego

Best perk of military life for you?

Jessa: The ability to be a stay at home mom

Brittany: Seeing the world, and traveling.

Favorite adventure you have been on thanks to the military?

Jessa: Traveling to Thailand, Korea and Taipei

Brittany: Traveling to Thailand

How do people contact you for orders? Etsy, our Facebook page, and personally

How often do you change your stock/options? We constantly add new designs to the shop and always accept custom orders.

What is your website?

Do you have a favorite app?

Jessa: FaceTime, best way to keep in touch with family.


What is your number one tip to give to fellow military spouses who want to start their own business?Don’t be afraid to make the leap, but make sure to do you research. If you decide to do a partnership make sure to work with someone that you have a great friendship with, have      fun with and can clearly communicate with.

Do you offer military discount? Large group discount? We do not offer a military discount but we do offer a bulk order discount.  We run promotions on our social media page.

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