Small Business Spotlight: Nomadic Nation

The military community is a nomadic community – we move from place to place wherever the orders tell us to go. The beauty of being nomadic is that we often cross paths with each other again, and this community sticks together. One gal celebrating this nomadic heritage is Diane Helmer, founder of Nomadic Nation. We are excited to be Nomad Ambassadors, and if you use our code “NOMADMILMOM,” you can get free shipping on any order in her shop –  Diane’s favorite quote is “Creativity takes courage,” and while both her creativity and courage seem effortless, it is easy to see that she takes this to heart. Whether you are looking for a hostess gift, a patriotic bib, a print to share with your child’s best friend who is moving or gear for your unit fundraiser – this shop is your one stop shop.

We “sat” down with Diane to talk about her shop, and here is what she had to say:

When did you start the Nomadic Nation Etsy Shop?

     Nomadic Nation officially opened July 4th 2016 but is actually an offshoot of my first business. (Can you get any more patriotic?)

What made you start your own business? 

     I actually had no interest in starting my own business.  What started out as a hobby to fill a creative void in life spiraled into something totally amazing allowing me to combine my passion for creative gifts and military culture.

Why/How do you choose what to make for the shop?

   We work really hard not to do what others are doing and to look at where there is a gap in the market.  A lot of it falls on intuition but so many of our newest additions have come from focus groups and collaborations with individuals.

Favorite piece that you have worked on?

     It’s so hard to have a favorite!  Glass tags are my long time favorite, creating something useful and fun that shows each individuals journey.

Favorite thing to do?

     Create, it brings me the greatest joy.  Whether it’s for work, for myself, or with my kids it’s my favorite thing to do.

Favorite place to live?


Where are you originally from?

     I grew up in Corpus Christi & San Antonio Texas

Favorite place you have PCS’d to?

     Pax River, MD

Favorite thing to do at your current duty station?

     The summer farmers market is small town America at it’s finest.  The kids and I love to go pick out our produce for the week, try new food trucks, listen to the music, and ride the old carousel outside the local court house.
Service specific earrings are a sweet nod to the service you are associated with, or a great hostess or “See You Later” present.

Best perk of military life for you?

     The journey.  It’s harder and greater than any life I could have ever imagined, but I wouldn’t trade it.  The places we’ve visited and the friends we’ve made are all part of the most absolutely insane and wonderful adventure.

Favorite adventure you have been on thanks to the military?

     All the cross-country moves, ping-ponging across the country so many times has afforded us the ability to explore this gorgeous country.

How do people contact you for orders?

How often do you change your stock/options?

     Regularly and without notice!  Just kidding, we try to add new items or change things up quarterly.  However, sometimes I get an idea and just can’t wait to launch something.


Do you have a favorite app?

     I’m a sucker for Instagram, it’s so fun to see what other people are doing, what milestones they’re sharing and to have an opportunity to share in that.

Number one tip to give to fellow military spouses who want to start their own business?

     Do your research,  ask for help, and follow your intuition!  Always more than happy to share the many resources that are available to help military spouses.

Do you give military discount? Large group discount?

     Our prices are incredibly competitive, we purposely price things to be affordable across the spectrum.  We do offer staggered discounts starting at 10 items in an effort to help make celebrating those military moments more affordable!
Thank you Diane for sharing your inspiration with us and our readers! Don’t forget to check out for yourself.
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