Music to Jam to While Staying in Place

According the article, The Effect of Music in Human Stress Responses, music is beneficially impactful in lowering stress levels. We can all admit that we are living during a period of unique stress. The commutes may be lessened for some, but being at home 24/7 while simultaneously working and educating children is a unique situation. Add to that stress some are looking for a job or additional work to cover the costs during this period. For essential workers like my fellow healthcare workers, there is an increase in stress and worry if they will bring home the illness and share it with their families. While music is not the cure for stress, it certainly can be part of the solution to alleviate and lower stress. Here are music soundtracks to try, enjoy and lessen the stress in your life.

Music to Work or School To

Outlander SoundtrackClassical music that is great for background and relaxing. If you don’t like bagpipes, skip over Season 1 of Outlander. All the soundtracks are folksy in nature changing from Scottish influence to early American influence.

The Crown Soundtrack – The composer of the main theme is someone familiar – John Williams – need I say more? This is not traditional slow classical and has some darker sounding tone at times. If you find yourself craving a cuppa, just blame it on the regal music.

Doctor Who Soundtrack – The famed Sci-Fi show has amazing music performed by the BBC National Orchestra. The orchestra is amazing, and if you can often stream their concerts, which are worth the listen. Some of the music can sound a bit “new-age,” but the songs are great for concentrating and get those creative juices flowing for school.

Poldark Soundtrack I am seeing a trend in music choices here…British-themed television shows. Poldark has songs similar to The Crown in that there is a darker tone to some songs. The beauty in the soundtrack is that while it is classical music, it isn’t “snoozy” like my 7 year old likes to call some of my other classical music choices (which are not listed here).

Music to Dance To

Channel those sweet dance moves through these music choices!

Mad Men SoundtrackJazzy, upbeat music that make the foot tap and break out in a smile can turn the mood. Bonus that it is family friendly so everyone can dance together.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The song bye Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is one that automatically brings all the happy feelings, and that is much needed right now. Plug the song into Amazon music, Spotify or Pandora and similar songs will be grouped for a playlist. Use technology for your benefit to enjoy some happy music.

Broadway Show Tunes Playlist – This one isn’t for everyone, and there is some profanity in Broadway (looking at you Hamilton), but the songs are made for dancing. Try listening to the Wicked soundtrack for all kid-friendly songs that are sure to make your feet move. Our Broadway Showtunes playlist on Spotify.

1940s music – This one may sound strange. Even if you don’t know swing moves, you can still tap around, swing in a circle or just tap your foot. Tune into The Andrews Sisters or the Benny Goodman Sextet for a swinging good time! Our (FREE) 1940s Jam Playlist on Spotify.

Music to Travel To

Travel via the virtual train, plane or automobile to your location of choice through music!

Turn on these tunes and close your eyes and pretend you have traveled somewhere beyond the living room. No it isn’t the same as being there, but it is a change which can be refreshing.

Hawaiian Tunes – The sounds of the ukulele immediately bring back feelings of Hawaii, or even the special treat of being at Roy’s Hawaiian (remember when we used to eat inside restaurants!). Our (FREE) Hawaiian Tunes list on Spotify.

Calypso Music – Even if you have never traveled to the Caribbean, the musical talents of Trinidad and Tobago’s Calypso Rose will bring the sounds of Festival to your home. I defy you listen to the Banana Boat song without singing out the words – Day-O!. Our (FREE) Caribbean Calypso playlist on Spotify.

Irish Fanfare – Maybe skip this if you are not a fan of bagpipes and fifes, or turn up Dropkick Murphys for Irish music that will get you up dancing and perhaps feeling a bit rambunctious. Our (FREE) Irish Fanfare playlist on Spotify (warning: there are bagpipes!)

Taiko Drums – This one is for the military and civilian families who have traveled to Okinawa, Japan. The seemingly little island offers music that is unique and brings back memories of walking through Aeon, Daiso and “The Bunny Store.” I did find a “Taiko Drum music of Japan” on Amazon and a few videos of music on Youtube: Sanshin Folk and Okinawa Tradition which brought back the beauty of the Ryukyu kingdom. Want to see what Okinawa is about – check out this video that was compiled while we lived there: Pharrell Williams – Happy We are From Okinawa. Our (FREE) Taiko Drumming Playlist on Spotify.

Want to just click one place and listen to these tunes? We made Spotify playlists! Search “MilMomAdventures” and search the playlists to listen in. All the current playlists are above! Will probably add in more. The Broadway Showtunes one has sons without curse words so the little one isn’t repeating inappropriate words. A Spotify account is free!

Music is a coping mechanism for alleviating the cognitive and emotional responses to stress. Use every mechanism available to you to assist in managing stress during this time. What are you listening to?

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