NOLA – Canal Street / Algiers Point Ferry

Do your kids love cars, trains and planes?? Yes? Then they will absolutely LOVE a ride across the Mississippi River on a ferry boat.

The Canal Street / Algiers Point ferry is an inexpensive adventure that everyone will enjoy.

It’s important to note first and foremost that the ferry is CASH ONLY and they will not give change! The cost to ride is $2 each way for people 3 and older. Kids 2 and under are free, and adults 65+ can enjoy a reduced fare of $1. Additional fare details can be found here. If you go, plan ahead with your cash. I have seen people pay $10 for their ride because that was the only cash they had! Eeek!!

The current boats that shuttle you across the river are older, but well kept. There’s been a whole hullabaloo over the new ferries that should have been running now, but they aren’t, and nobody can say when they will. That’s ok, we like the old ones, they have character.

Sometimes it’s a little breezy on the ferry. It’s a quick ride (maybe 5 minutes?), but if you go on a cool day, a hat can help.

It’s fun to see what types of boats will drive by during your quick voyage across the river. It is not uncommon to see giant cruise ships and container ships!

The Algiers Point ferry terminal sits right next to the levee. You can see the normal ferry docked in the middle of the above picture, and the car ferry on the left! We have heard that the car ferry will run during Mardi Gras. It was running recently, although it was just people riding.

If you have a stroller or bike, head down the ramp on the right side of the terminal, and wait for the ferry there. If you are on foot, take the stairs up to go inside the terminal and board the ferry on the top level.

The Crescent City Connection bridge is what you’ll see if you look upriver. It is lit up really pretty at night.

Looking across from Algiers Point, you can see the Aquarium. This is the number one reason why we take the ferry! The boat let’s you off right in front of the Aquarium.

If you are stationed at NASJRB Belle Chasse or Federal City, you are probably already on the West Bank. So we suggest parking on a side street in Algiers Point for free and walking up to the ferry terminal. This way you do not have to pay for parking in the city, which could easily run you $20 for the day. Once across the river, you can easily walk to the aquarium, the insectarium, and the French Quarter. You can also get to Cafe Du Monde quickly on foot! In addition, the streetcar stops where the ferry let’s you off, so you have a lot of options for fun in the city, without the hassle of parking.

As a bonus, all beverages, including those of the adult variety, are allowed on the ferry. Tavolino’s Pizza in Algiers Point will sell you a “Ferry Companion”, basically a seasonally themed adult slushy. Enjoy!

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