NOLA – Mardi Gras season is coming!

Hi from New Orleans!

Down here in Louisiana this week, we were busy making our resolutions. Included were the standard diet and exercise type goals. Unfortunately, we also just learned that King Cake season starts this Sunday, January 6th. So, a special accommodation has been made to allow for the tasting of traditional Mardi Gras season treats! Because when in Rome…

We are excited for you to experience our FIRST Mardi Gras with us over the next 2 months. We will be posting about krewes and parads and king cake. If you’ve ever been stationed here, we’d love your suggestions!

For anyone else who, like us, recently PCS’ed to New Orleans and is not really sure what this season is all about, we’ve collected a few resources for you:

New Orleans Moms Blog: Ultimate Guide to Mardi Gras with Kids

This has been SUCH a helpful resource to us. We probably read this at least 5 times within the first week of getting orders to New Orleans. If you’ve never been to Mardi Gras, then like us you might have assumed the whole festival is not for kids. But thankfully that’s not at all true, and the New Orleans Moms Blog guide linked above sets the record straight.

King Cake Hub

This is your go-to for all kinds of King Cake (did you know that there are different varieties?!). There’s even a vegan bakery participating. We will be visiting and we’ll be sure to report back on our experience. And we will hopefully find out more about the history of that tiny baby that comes with all the cakes 😉

Parade Schedule and Maps

Here’s your reference guide for all parade info! There is information about the history of each krewe, as well as maps of parade routes. This is SO helpful for newbies like us. Parades run all season, starting on January 6th and ending March 5th. Did you know Mardi Gras was an entire season, not just one day? We did not know that prior to PCSing here! We’re excited that there will be many opportunities to experience a parade.

We are off to finish our first slice of king cake for the season. Were we supposed to wait until Sunday to eat it?! Too late now! Check back here over the course of the next 2 months to see how these brand new New Orleanians survive Mardi Gras! 🙂

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