NOLA – Surrey Bike Ride in City Park

What better way to ring in the New Year than with a healthy family adventure, right? That was the idea behind last week’s bike ride through City Park in New Orleans.

Have you ever rented a surrey bike? It allows a family of 4+ to all enjoy a ride together. This is perfect for our family of 4, which includes 2 toddlers. Bigger bikes for families of 6+ are also available! The yellow seat/basket in the front did an excellent job of containing our 1 and 3 year old while we took a (somewhat) leisurely ride through my favorite New Orleans park.

Wheel Fun Rentals has 2 locations within City Park. Although the rate of $26 for our single surrey was listed as 1 hour, we were given 1.5hrs of ride time! It does feel like a high price for one hour, BUT we had such a great time. And with two toddlers an hour was plenty. The biking is a bit of a workout, so any longer and we might not have made it back!

Wheel Fun Rentals also has boats, including swan boats, for rent! If our kids were older, we absolutely would’ve rented one. BUT we watched another family with kids of similar ages have to turn their boat around after 5 minutes because the kids were just too curious with the water and almost fell in. SO that has been put on our adventure back burner for another year or two!

What ways have you found to get your exercise while you adventure? Hiking is also a favorite of ours! Maybe next time we will go for the kayak. Enjoy!

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