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Reflecting back on our PCS two summers ago, I vividly remember living in the hotel after we arrived at our new location waiting for housing to open up. Living in a hotel room as a family for any extended period of time can feel cramped. While we spring boarded into exploring pretty quickly, there are those rare rainy days in SoCal and days when you really just need to stay put. I brought two bags of activity ideas with us, I think we just used the bubbles and coloring books. Now that we have tried out Kids Night In Boxes, I will bringing one along on our next PCS as the go to activity box, along with bubbles and coloring books of course.

PCS Prep Kids Night In Kind Heart

Each box has included: a book, two to three activities, snack recipe, booklet with “after the date” activity ideas as well. Oftentimes, these activities are something we can send to family afar or gift to friends nearby.

Kids Night In Box every month has had an impressive theme and lesson. February’s Kids Night In Box upped the level of the previous. Given the month of the heart, American Heart Association teamed up with the team for the box. My daughters school did the same and she had started her fundraiser for American Heart Association in February prior to receiving the box, so we did not participate in the KNI fundraiser but did fundraise for American Heart. The rewards were great at motivating our kiddo to wanting to fundraise for a cause, and understand the reason behind it. It is important for kids of any age to be active. The included jump rope was great for practice and whenever we did it, she would ask “Can we jump for your heart?”

PCS Prep Kids Night In Kind Heart

Physical activity is a daily necessary in our house for health and endorphin building. I love that when I am working out, the girls now say “you are doing it for your heart!” It is encouraging and makes me not want to give up doing those surrenders.

PCS Prep Kids Night In Kind Heart

The book this month utilized Eric Carle’s A Very Hungry Caterpillar which is a beloved story in our house. The book is colorful and easy to read, enticing young readers to want to read it on their own, gaining practice that is enjoyed and loved.

PCS Prep Kids Night In Kind Heart

Giving us all the spring feels, one of the included crafts was making bird seed feeders. I had NO idea that mixing a 1/4 cup of hot water and a gelatin packet meant we could coat bird seed and pour them into molds. The included mixture allowed us to make two bird seed feeders, using one of our own cookie cutters. This is something we will do again. The girls are excited to wait and watch for birds.

Kids Night In Boxes are great go to boxes for planned out fun that I don’t have to plan. We can explore the box together, treated to the surprise of a snack, and do several activities together. We enjoy the Spotify music list, and the snack ideas. Sometimes we do one activity an evening, but this last box we opened on a rainy day so we spent over 4 hours exploring the box.

Kids Night In Box Kind Heart
Scratch off heart ornaments – great to make and send to family afar

The subscription box is available for purchase on a month to month basis or a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription which includes shipping. When preparing for a move without an address, I would order one box and then figure out a longer period of time once we had an address. Use the code BEMINE for 20% off. Or if you are looking for a 6 or 12 month subscription, use the code NIB2FREE for 2 free boxes – kids or date night in! If you are interested in trying out a Kids Night In Box, click here.

If your PCS orders came as a surprise and now you will be without an address to ship to for an unknown amount of time, e-mail customerservice@nightinboxes.com to inquire about pausing or shifting your shipments. Maybe ship them to a friend at the new duty station or to family so you can still have that date when you get there or have dedicated kid time once the stress of the move is over.

We were given the box for free, but are not ambassadors for the company and do not earn any commission on purchases.

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