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In our previous post about School and COVID-19, pediatrician Dr. Di Enno shared her pediatric expertise and resources to help families make choices for their family in the upcoming year. As a pediatrician and a parent, providing accurate resources for families to make decisions with is important. In addition to being a passionate provider, Dr. Di Enno is the Chief Medical Officer of XpertCare Medical Group and the Digital Clinic in California.  XpertCare provides HIPAA-compliant digital care to families in California through telemedicine with their team of experts in Pediatrics, Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Gastroenterology, Allergy/Immunology and Family Practice. Finding care with knowledgeable providers for children is a difficult task, especially for families that move often, and having a resource like XpertCare in our parenting corner is a win.

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Telemedicine in California

At present, XpertCare is able to provide pediatric telemedicine care 24/7 in the state of California. Dr. Di Enno is a Navy Veteran and military spouse who has worked at expanding the telemedicine coverage to military families. The digital clinic accepts insurance, including Tricare! Tricare and Medi-Cal patients do not have out-of-pocket costs. The XpertCare app allows for real-time video conferencing with a pediatrician with the ability to upload documents on the app, and even invite another caregiver or parent on the call. So if you are at work, but you have a sick kid at home with a babysitter, you can all be on the call and have a decision to make the right call on care. The benefit of telemedicine is true one on one care in your home, where children often feel the most comfortable. While there are some limits to physical examinations, there is a lot that can be done virtually.

For Military Families

When you speak with Dr. Di Enno, you can tell her passion to care for military children continues even after she has left the Navy. As a Navy veteran and military spouse pediatrician, she understands all too well that most children are not used to seeing the same provider for the short time they live at a base. Oftentimes their provider will move, deploy or not be available to see them. There is a lack of continuity of care for the population of military children especially. Dr. Di Enno’s desire to care for military children has worked its way into the XpertCare business plan. While currently serving families residing in California, they have plans to expand coverage to states like Texas, Georgia and North Carolina to provide coverage to more military families. This would be amazing for military families who even during a PCS (permanent change of station aka military move) could get access to pediatric care even while on the road. This service is reimbursed through Tricare. Currently, the only limits to providing care are geographical based on current licensing restrictions.


Beyond providing telemedicine in California, the XpertCare Facebook page has grown as a resource for families residing worldwide. They have topical videos every Tuesday on their Facebook page and live events, including one about School and COVID-19 with three experts answering questions. Follow their Facebook page for more information about upcoming events, like one about car seat safety. They are always looking for topics of interest, so if there is something you want to hear a board-certified pediatrician give information about (for free!), check out their Facebook page and leave a comment! I will update the topics covered list monthly so you can find all their videos here.

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