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Disneyland has been invaded by all things Pixar! If you enjoy The Incredibles, Toy Story, Inside Out, Coco, Up and Monsters Inc – you will be in Pixar heaven, in addition to the amazing Disney-ness! Pixar Fest is scheduled from April 13 through to September 3, 2018. If you are using Military Salute tickets, there are no blackout dates on this ticket during the festival.


What does that mean for your visit?



Throughout the park there are noticeable little touches. Even Carsland is touched by the Pixar fun. If you look around, I am sure you will find little nods to the Pixar films.  Of course, there is already Carsland and Bugsland which are Pixar films.  (Bugsland is slated to begin renovations into a Marvel themed land after this summer – so this is the last time to see it!). Downtown Disney is sure to get you in the Pixar mood as you walk through with these colorful hedges.


Pixar Pier, the rebranding of Paradise Pier, has a planned grand opening on June 23rd. It will showcase an Incredible theme to the roller coaster and new snacks including this adorable Jack Jack cookie stand. My kids are realllllly looking forward to that!

To check out the planned appearance and inspiration for Pixar Pier, head to Blue Sky Cellars just outside Carsland where there are models and theme boards showcasing the drawings and plans for the pier from the beginning through until now. It is like a sneak peek into an Imagineer’s studio.



One major Pixar takeover that is easily noticed in Tomorrowland is the takeover of Pizza Port by the friendly aliens of Toy Story. Now called Pizza Planet, A Better Place, this restaurant offers quick service pizza by the slice, salads and pasta. The real reason why people flock here are the adooooOOOooorable alien themed deserts. (See what I did there?). The alien parfait and cookie are adorable to look at and delicious to eat. These are definitely shareable. One alien parfait was enough for four of us – two adults and two kiddos to eat, and we shared an alien shaped meyer lemon macroon as well. The eyeballs are white chocolate and the favorite of the kiddos. The husband and I enjoyed the tangy and creamy filling.

#MilMomAdventureTip: If you want of these adorable alien treats, get it early on in the day. They have sold out multiples times when we have gone, and didn’t restock until the following day.

Café Orleans in Adventureland has a three course meal inspired by Ratatoullie, including a cheese course, a main course of, well, ratatoullie which you can get with or without shrimp and a desert of berry filled beignets! I am very excited about this, and while I haven’t been able to sample it yet, you can expect a review and sharing on our Instagram when I do.


There are churro carts with twisted Pixar-inspired flavors as well. There is a strawberry outside of Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland and cinnamon with chocolate sauce outside of Big Thunder. There are more churro carts all over Disneyland, but I haven’t found them all.


The Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante has an adorable Coco-inspired chocolate desert called the Mexican Chocolate Pot de Crème. It is seriously so cute and delicious….no picture is available as the toddler decided to dive into it before one could be taken. That should be proof of how amazing it is!


At Disney California Adventure, there are Pixar themed treats at almost every turn. Trolley Treats near the entrance has Pixar confections, there are themed popcorn buckets (which sold out yesterday) at Popcorn stands and drinking straws and cups with your favorite Pixar pals on them.


There are Pixar themed pretzels, breads and snacks all throughout Disneyland. I have yet to try them all or taste them all so I can’t share them all, but please share what you have eaten or look forward to eating!



Pixar Play Parade is at Disneyland. During the weekend of Friday through Sunday it shows twice and during the weekday once. Check the times guide when you are at the parks. This parade has floats involving beloved characters, music and thankfully on hot days involves water! The parade route goes from It’s A Small World down to the Town Square. People start to “save” a spot about 2 hours prior to the parade starting. This honestly isn’t doable with two very active little kids. We aim to get along wall near Sleeping Beauty Castle so the adults have somewhere to lean and the littles can watch from the stroller, creating a stadium seating of sorts. This way there is no one blocking anyones view and they can get up close and personal with the characters. My oldest even got a high five from a cast member!



Paint the Night parade is an evening parade at Disney California Adventure. Again, it features the Pixar characters along with the classics but in glowing apparel making them easier to spot in the night. Again, check the website or app to find out when and if they are showing it that day.



The fireworks show at Disneyland changes seasonally, and this is no exception.  This display showcases images and music from the Pixar films in addition to fireworks. Our kiddos haven’t seen the show yet as it is past their bedtime when it is featured, but it is sure to awe the senses when you see it!


Character Meet and GreetIMG_8976

There is a special Pixar Pals meet and greet in Paradise Gardens in Disneyland.   When we have gone, Sully has been out for pictures. It is in a shaded area which helps keep you cool and makes it easier to get a picture without squinting in the sun.


Pixar Shorts

In Disneyland California Adventure, there is a sit-down movie theater just inside the Hollywood area. Currently, Pixar shorts are being featured there. So if you are looking to watch some sweet short films in a dark, air-conditioned space, this is for you.




There are a myriad of Pixar-themed souvenirs throughout the park. Much more than there were previously. For example, there is an entire store dedicated to Pixar themed clothes and trinkets and called Knick’s Knacks on the soon-to-be fully renovated Pixar Pier.  So if you are looking for gear from Incredibles, Monsters Inc gear or some totally amazing Squad gear like this Toy Story bag, then this is the place for you.

Check out our Instagram for continued updates of food, souvenirs and Pixar touches that are forthcoming throughout the summer.


Will you head to Disneyland this summer? If you have plans to do so, check out our blog post to help you prepare for your day in the parks. Have questions? Let us know in the comments, via email, on Facebook or Instagram!

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