PowerSheets with Cultivate What Matters

Goal Setting

With each military move, there is a natural break and change in environment that new goals are set. It can be for a short period of time – like setting up the kitchen after unpacking. Or it can be for the duration of the time at the new location – like planting and cultivating a garden (eh, we tried…) One tool we discovered in recent years to help with goal-setting beyond the location is the PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters.


The PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner is not your typical journal. The PowerSheets are written in ways to get your mind exploring all of what is possible and how to accomplish them. The wire-bound journal is ready for use and adventure with monthly calendars, goal setting sheets and prompts to making the goals manageable and true to you. It is true that the goals can still feel like they are locked into the location or phase of life, but the prompts help you dive deeper into your true desires and goals, encouraging you to explore ways of accomplishing them. Each journal has reinforced corners so it can take the abuse that journals often do – being thrown from diaper bag to purse to suitcase. The pocket inside the planner allows for storage of any papers needed to accomplish goals or plan. The included pouch slides over the planner cover to allow for easy access to pens, highlighters, stickers -whatver you need to stay organized and plan!

Let’s Go On An Adventure

We love adventure (hence, MilMomAdventures). There is a lot of planning that goes on with that adventure. Budgets are made. The calendar is reviewed to ensure travel minimizes interruptions of school and around work hours. The seasonal tabs within the PowerSheets Planner allow for planning at least one adventure a Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

The key to adventuring for me is using the calendar and planning tab to make sure there isn’t a burn out before or during the adventure due to a full calendar or doing just too much. As much as I love Disney trips, we have learned from experience that we need a break in between park days to relax and reset from long hours and heat. If we can’t make a longer trip work to avoid burn out, we don’t do it.


Being a military family, the military often comes first. The jobs often come with moves across the country or the world. This means change in my job every move, new schools for the kids, new home to look for and set up. There is adventure in the move, but there is a challenge as well. An annual planner allows for self-care in the form of goal-setting not only for the family but for ones self.

The prompts in the PowerSheets provide moments to pause and reflect on what goals you have, and provide prompts to break those goals down into manageable steps over time. The steps help make that goal a realization instead of a failed goal in February or March. When a goal is accomplished, I feel like what I look like in that picture above. Who doesn’t get excited when a plan comes through and it all goes so well.


Because of our love for PowerSheets, we have done a giveaway before with a Parents Goal. This time, Cultivate What Matters, has partnered with us and Daily Mom Military to giveaway a PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner and the goal-setting sticker book! This is an amazing value – not just monetarily, but personally. Write down your goals. Write down the steps. Accomplish little goals. Accomplish big goals. 2020 is your year. Check out our Instagram to read more about why we love Cultivate What Matters, and how to enter!

I can’t say enough positive things about PowerSheets. All the products are made with such intentionality. The bright colors are mood-lifting. Make goal-setting fun this year, and enjoyable in addition to completing them!

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