Preschool at home with My Pre-K Box

School this year looks different than years past.

Lucky for my preschooler, she doesn’t really know what a traditional preschool looks like. Quite honestly, she is excited for “mommy preschool” as she calls it. This year we plan to virtual school our rising second grader in addition to “mommy preschool.” I haven’t homeschooled in the traditional sense before. And while I think the crisis schooling we did in the spring was a learning experience, it wasn’t a true test run. We made our own schedules and while there were worksheets for school, it was pretty much done in one day and then we did our own thing like “exploring” National Parks, virtual visits to Zoos and had fun learning about and making art.

We are approaching the formal start of the 2020-2021 school year. The school year is supposed to start next week, but information from the school is saying it might be another week now. Preschool can’t be virtual (can you imagine a 3 or 4 year old sitting in front of a computer for an extended period of time? Me either.), so I have been all over Pinterest collecting ideas and creating a pin board of all the preschool activities we could do at home, and then planning ways to include my second grader as well.

Through a mutual friend, I made the connection with Lindsey, the owner and founder of My Pre-K box. She gifted us the September box, the “Apple Box.” I was amazed at the number of activities and everything needed for those activities (except for a few supplies) were included in that space efficient box.  This was better than a pin on Pinterest because everything was done for me.  No cutting, no adding craft items to my shopping cart and picking them up curbside – everything came to me! FREEEDDOOOOOMMMMM!!! (YES, I said that in the Braveheart voice). It isn’t busy work activities. Each activity is geared toward learning math, literacy, or sensory. And they are all fun.

It was glorious to have educational activities planned and ready for us.

But it wasn’t just all ready. No, these were activities that my preschooler wanted to do. No joke y’all. We sat for 2 hours doing different activities. Her favorites were the patterns and cider syllables. She loved that everything in the box was apple themed. I don’t know if she understood that it was “A” – the first letter of the alphabet, but she was loving it. It was a joy to be able to sit and just be with her.

She is sitting in my lap to do each activity.

Not just for Preschoolers

Another joy with this box is that while it is planned for and marketed for preschoolers, my 7-year old enjoyed the activities too. She enjoyed sitting and listening to the patterns, talking about the letter sounds and animals. She helped clap out syllables and sound out words.

Then there was an activity with two boards. The eldest totally took the reigns. She read the directions, gathered supplies and they happily sat together for over an hour playing. While the eldest totally understood that they were learning right along with playing, she didn’t let her sister in on the gig. Instead, it was a wonderful time of giggles and leaning.

Nitty Gritty

Okay so what is in the box?

There are 6 activities in the box inclusive of everything we needed. The only supplies I needed that were not included were a pencil, pen and glue, but that was easily found in our school supplies bin. Along with a directions pamphlet (aka the grown up pamphlet).

The key areas hit in each box are:

  • sensory
  • math
  • literacy
  • arts and crafts

Each activity, except the crafts, can be used over and over. The pattern and game boards are plastic and will see use again throughout the year to reinforce the skills and reintroduce the concept in a familiar way.

Why My Pre-K Box?

The ability to jump into a theme with activities pre-planned and ready to go without pouring over the computer or spending hours researching what skills to work on or matching activities to go with a theme. Lindsey, the founder and owner of My Pre-K Box, is an Early Childhood and Elementary Educator. She has the education to know what age-appropriate skills preschoolers need to develop and how to creatively teach them. She is also a mom, so she understands firsthand the struggle.

These boxes uses zero passive screen time, and are all hands on activities that you can do with your child. Once E did the patterns activity with me confirming everything, now she grabs them all to do alone and then asks for my verification. In fact, I finished vacuuming while she did that and she was so happy to show off her progress. What a gift of time we had, and that is more important than ever in 2020 with the odd year that it is.

How to get My PreK Box!

If you are interested in the September box (which is shown here), order yours along with a 3 or 6 month subscription before August 28th and get this All- About Me freebie! The freebie looks amazing with great details and life skills involved. It isn’t a download – so you aren’t cutting out pieces or laminating them, the entire kit will be sent to you ready to go. Go here to place your order. Bonus – use the code MILMOM5 for $5 off your order!

Sneak Peek of September “Apple” Box


If you want the September box, the last date to order is August 31st. Order hereAnd don’t forget to use the code MILMOM5 for $5 off your order.

For the busy mom, working mom, mom balancing virtual or homeschool, this box is an absolute dream. Having activities cultivated and prepared that weren’t just fun, but also working those preschool skills she needs to build helped this time-starved exhausted momma. And I hope you enjoy the time treat that these are too.


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