Rental House Friendly February Craft

Tissue Paper Image

#milmomadventures can happen at home. I try to plan a “theme” craft once a month. (Read: I am only human. Life happens sometimes. No one is perfect!) When I choose a craft, I choose one that can be made and hung in our home without worrying about the paint or nail holes. My go to craft with this involves: contact paper, construction paper, tissue paper and scissors. It can be hung on your fridge, mirror or window (no nails! no command picture hanging strips!)


Heart window sun-catcher clings!



I cut out some construction paper hearts. And cut out the contact paper to fit the frame heart with a little sticky left around the edge so it can stick to the window.


The kiddos love this part – adding the tissue paper to the heart. My oldest likes to name all the colors to help the youngest learn. The youngest loves the crinkling noise the tissue paper makes.


Viola! A beautiful personalized craft that is rental friendly!


#milmomadventuretip: Make a few extra and send them to relatives! They will appreciate your kid’s artwork and the consideration that you took time to think of them and send them a valentine as well!


This craft can be amended for any holiday – Clovers or pots of gold for St. Patrick’s Day in March, Flowers in April, Suns in the summer months, pumpkins and turkeys in the fall and Christmas trees or Menorahs in December. And they can be put on your windows, removed easily and stored to be treasured later or shared with friends.

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