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Supporting small business is something we enjoy. Supporting local businesses is something we strive to do with each move – investing in the community we are part of. This past spring, I discovered that the company that makes our favorite kids sunglasses, RoShamBo Baby, was just down the road (yay local small business!). My oldest asked if we could go see the “sunglasses factory like a Mister Rogers episode” over spring break.  I reached out to email the company to see if we could come by to meet them and maybe my oldest could help package stock, and they happily obliged. 

The husband and wife team, Scott and Julia, and Roshambo extraordinaire Gen welcomed us. The story of how RoShamBo came about is purely representative of the American can-doattitude. Scott, formerly a lawyer, was holding a friend’s baby at a baseball game and realized the sun was bothering the baby’s eyes. He wanted to purchase sunglasses for the babe and during his search didn’t find bendable, stylish glasses for tots he wanted. He decided to embark upon a journey of making sunglasses, you know, as most people do. He went to multiple companies across the world looking for someone who could make frames without toxins and that would bend without breaking, because kids. He found a company that was formerly a toy maker, and viola! RoShamBo baby was born.

Now the family business is growing by leaps and bounds. No longer a side business, Julia and Scott have quit their jobs and dedicated all of their energy to RoShamBo – even trying out for Shark Tank. They both spoke about RoShamBo with such passion and excitement. You can tell they love that they do and are excited to pack each order and share their passion around the world.

Saved By the Bell

I have to admit that one of the selling points of the sunglasses to me were the names. You can order Fraggle Rock Baby glasses, Punky Brewster Toddler glasses and Rainbow Brite Junior glasses.  The Adult shades don’t disappoint either with names like Goonies and Ice Ice Baby. The nod to the 1980s/1990s continues when your glasses arrive. When I first ordered a pair of sunglasses a Saved By the Bell Screech card was included. I thought maybe it was a random happening or surprise for every 10 boxes or something. Nope. Scott has thousands of Saved By The Bell cards ready to go for orders.  

Prescription Glasses

More than just sunglasses, Prescription Glasses can be fashionable, lightweight and fun to wear too. The costs includes shipping, a case, strap, lenses and the frame of your choosing and comes in all sizes – Baby, Toddler, Kid and Adult. Plus if you are concerned about which size sunglasses to get, you can get free frame try on kits – for all glasses.

They give back.

As if we didn’t need another reason to love these sunglasses, they have committed to giving a portion of sales to Surfers Healing in San Clemente – a program that helps children on the spectrum and their families enjoy a day of surfing together. We love when community businesses support their community.

Shop local.

As a family we have been wearing Roshambo for over two years. At first it was just for the kiddos, and then I bought a pair for myself since my toddler enjoyed chewing and holding my sunglasses. We love supporting small businesses, especially local ones.

Use the code “MilMom” for 10 percent off your order! We do not earn a commission, this is a code made to give YOU a discount. We love these sunglasses, and know you will too! 

*All packages packed by the 5-year old were quality checked before mailing*

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