San Diego Museum of Art

When you think of an art museum, what do you think of? Perhaps, quiet and hushed tones while mulling over a sculpture or a piece of art discussing the meaning of the artwork. Do you think of bringing your children to an art museum?

Admittedly, bringing the toddler to the art museum was never something I even considered prior to childhood. While we lived overseas, we took our toddler everywhere. Because – you may only live in Asia once. Once back in America, this ethos didn’t carry on – but why not? Why not take your kid to the art museum? It may be hushed, but without exposure to this learning environment, how will they learn?

San Diego Museum of Art

Enter the San Diego Art Museum. This Balboa staple is stunning from the outside. The stone structure with detailing is reminiscent of a building learned about in history books. Enter the museum into a large entryway, purchase your tickets at the desk and consider checking out the special exhibition. Participating in the Blue Star Museum programs this summer, this Balboa park offers free admission to military families. The Art and Empire: The Golden Age of the Spain special exhibition, but for $5 a person age 7 and over can enter.

San Diego Museum of Art - Art & Empire

The special exhibition is available until September 2, with several other exhibits on rotation. The varying exhibits offer art of different mediums of pottery, metalwork, canvases and furniture allow for the discussion that art comes in many forms. Our favorite pieces were the furniture pieces in The Art and Empire: The Golden Age of the Spain.

In certain exhibits, there are booklets with investigative questions for each piece. This sparked conversation about the art pieces and encouraged exploration of each exhibit. These little touches are great for kids, but to be honest I would be using them for myself as well.

San Diego of Museum of Art - Pamphlets

One room in the museum where you are encouraged to touch the art is where my oldest called “the drawing room.” The room is full of drawers where you are encouraged to open the drawers and admire the art. A desk in the middle of the room with pencils and paper encouraging all to sit and draw. Art lines the walls and books adorn shelves. We sat here for probably 30 minutes combing through the books, choosing an art piece to “model’ after. We can all create art, and this was a wonderful, fun space to encourage it.

San Diego Museum of Art

I didn’t take the toddler this time, just the kid that used to be the toddler. After going to the museum, I would definitely recommend going to the museum even with toddler in tow, skipping the special exhibit this time but after a few visits of understanding that we don’t touch the art, well, some of it.

Take the family to the art museum. Yes, it may be difficult to prevent the touching, running and yelling, but going will allow for practice and may encourage creativity!

The San Diego Museum of Art is open 10-8 on Fridays and admission from 5 pm and after is $5! What a fun and adventurous family evening outing that could be!

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