San Diego Padres KidsFest

We recently wrote about the San Diego Padres and their generous support of the military through their discounts for active duty military: 25% for all games and 50% on military appreciation Sundays when active duty military personnel purchasing with a GovX account.

On this blog post we wanted to write about another amazing way the Padres foster community. On their Sunday games the host KidsFest. We recently discovered this amazing experience when one of our readers commented about it on our last post about the Padres. One of the many reasons we love blogging and bringing information to our readers is our readers also bring information to us!

Photo from the official Padres Website

On a recent Sunday I took my toddler to a Padres game. It is always daunting to take a long drive down to San Diego, park, and navigate a crowd with young children -which is why it was such a reward to get through the turnstiles of Petco Park into the big open grassy area where there was lots of space, food stalls, and activities for children. I want to write about my experience to encourage others to go and enjoy themselves as much as we did.

No matter what type of ticket you purchase to see the Padres play you will have access to the KidsFest activities once you enter the turnstiles of the stadium. KidsFest happens at most Sunday daytime games; check the website to see which days it is happening. One the ground level there is a grassy area that faces the stadium. You will immediately notice the bouncy houses, balloon artists, temporary tattoo artists and more clustered around the family-friendly event. Everything is provided for free. Tips are welcome for the balloons and tattoos.

You can enter up to 2.5 hours before the game to enjoy the festivities. You can stay throughout the game once it begins, too. We saw families with picnic blankets who enjoyed the entire game on the big screen visible from the grass. There is not a lot of shade cover so plan to to have the coverings and sunscreen you need for a day in the San Diego sun.

We highly recommend you grab your kids, your friends, your family, and check out the KidsFest on a Sunday during the season soon.

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