Screen Free Road Trip Entertainment with GiiKER Games

Road Trip and PCS season is here for military families. That means planning for travel across the country, around the world, or just a few states over. If you have kids, you are probably stuffing a bag full of road trip entertainment. We are doing the same! Giiker games reached out with their games, and after checking them out, I can say these are awesome screen-free tools that entertain. My girls have been bringing them in the car to head to activities as well. Giiker is offering 10% off products from their store with the code MIL10.

GiiKER Super Slide

The Giiker Super Slide was an immediate hit in our house. They kids opened it and took right to it. The pieces are magnetic and you put them in the pattern shown on the screen. Green pattern are for the blue blocks going horizontal, otherwise the colors match the pieces. You slide them around into the positions necessary to get the red block into the block at the bottom middle. We took this in the car to keep the kids engaged. I could easily see this becoming a staple in our beach bag once it warms up.

The Super Slide helps kids work on spatial awareness, concentration, critical thinking, problem-solving, fine-motor skills, critical thinking and perseverance.

My husband even found himself drawn to it whenever it was on the table. It is a great way to work your mind on a puzzle, in a unique and challenging way. For me, it was a relaxing way to stimulate the brain with a cup of tea at night. It is still working on concentration, but without the constant music and lights of tv.

We have taken the Super Slide on several road trips. The magnets hold well, and do not fall out unless pulled out of the frame of the game. The girls pass it back and forth in the car without any lost pieces.

GiiKER Super Blocks

The Giiker Super Blocks is a challenge is to match the pattern of lights with the blocks provided. This one is a bit more challenging for younger ages, but it is rated for 6 and up. It works on critical thinking skills to match the shapes to the lights. All the pieces stay contained inside the box to allow for ease of travel. There are over 1000 levels within the game, which is not even close to the level we are currently at.

The lights indicate what color blocks will be used to complete the challenge. It is fun to watch the youngest stare at the light pattern to solve and then stare at the color pieces while she solves it. 

The Super Blocks comes with a bag to hold the pieces and board for travel. The girls so far have loved keeping it in the box, I think the appeal is that the blocks all match and it is a puzzle to put back into the box itself.

While my children are on the younger side, both my husband and I find this engaging. This appeals to children from 6 to 99 in my opinion. It keeps the brain thinking in distinctive ways from what we utilize on the daily, and all without a screen. I know, you are reading this on a screen, and I wrote it on a screen, but for those who are looking for ways to lessen screen time while traveling, this is an amazing tool. 

It assembles well for travel, is something the kids want to play with and utilizes their critical thinking skills – call that a parenting win. While PCS season may be stressful, planning something engaging for the travel involved is simple with these tools.

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